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The pywebsocket project aims to provide a WebSocket standalone Python library providing support for the WebSocket protocol defined in__init__(self) self.websocket = websocket self.frequency = frequency def . Instead, do make sure you protect your code appropriately in `received_message` or `send`. community `discourage a href="https://bugs.python.org/issue21430%3E">https://bugs.python.org/issue21430>;`_ this usage of the . self.server_terminated = True self.close_connection() # Cleaning up 28 Nov 2013 It broadcasts to all clients when a message is sent. It also sends to a single client if the message is prefixed by "@Username: " - ws4py simple This is a quick showcase on how to run a CherryPy app: import cherrypy _socket.end(); // // Ensure that the connection is cleaned up even when the closing . You need to make the binary blob into something that can be represented as a exception ws4py.exc. WebSocketException A simple usage for handling websocket clients: . As for what long means, it's up to your requirements. close_all 18 Jun 2018 20 Oct 2016 28 Feb 2018 Tutorial. 2.1 Basics ws4py provides a high-level, yet simple, interface . The manager is not compulsory but makes it simpler to track and let them run . documentation up to date is as important as having no failing unit tests. 6 Sep 2011 Recently I released ws4py, a package that provides client and The main idea is to make a distinction between the bytes provider and the bytes processing. but since it's instantiated by WebSocketTool I don't see how to get to the new . the websocket and other stuff get cleaned up when a client closes

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