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Which One Should We Use: Google Maps or HERE WeGo Maps?

You’re about to go on a trip but haven’t decided which navigating tourist apps on Android to use yet? Then check out our post on Google Maps and HERE WeGo Maps now!
Nowadays, it’s not hard to find some tourist apps on Android that provide us maps and tourist benefits. There are tons of apps in the market right now, so it’s challenging to choose one among them. 
After selecting and evaluating, we came down to two big options: Google Maps and HERE WeGo Maps. They’re both excellent and incredible with many appealing and helpful features. In today’s post, we will give 
you reviews of these two tourist apps so that you can make your decision easier. Besides these apps, you can explore more Android apps at the link Apk downloads app.
What is Google Maps?
This is the most famous apps for travelers when they’re navigating. Created by the famous Google in 2005, it is one of the oldest apps in the field of navigating and traveling. In detail, Google Maps is a satellite 
map, which is the most popular one of its kind all around the world.
First functioning on the website platform, now we can easily find Google Maps on every smartphone with different operating systems such as Android, Windows, iOS, and more. 
What is HERE WeGo Maps?
Made by one of the top 3 biggest technology brands in the world - Nokia, Here WeGo Maps - which has been through a lot of fluctuations - is a popular app for navigating while traveling. Initially, Here WeGo Maps 
was called Ovi Map, which was usually seen on S40 and S80 Nokia smartphones back in the day. In 2012, it changed its name into Nokia Maps when Nokia opened a new service called Here, and at the end of this 
year, it was sold to Microsoft. Recently, the app’s name was officially turned into Here WeGo Maps.
The same as Google Maps, HERE WeGo Maps is a satellite map, which is in the top world-leading apps on the market nowadays.
Comparisons between HERE WeGo Maps and Google Maps 
If you want to get other Android apps, you can go to the link https://trello.com/top1apk.
As we can easily see, the interface of Here WeGo Maps didn’t receive a lot of attention from the developers. The graphics, as well as lines, are still sketchy with all the text fonts and icon are in flat form and 
monotonous colors.  
On the other hand, although the interface of Google Maps is also simple, it is eye-catching, intuitive, and soft. Mostly, users can only see two buttons on the bottom of the screen and a search bar on top of the 
screen. Thanks to this, the map is more accessible. 
The strongest advantage of Here Wego Maps is the offline navigation, which doesn’t require any download or data usage. Not only can users get access to the map, but they can also receive navigation without the 
In contrast, although Google Maps also offers the offline navigation feature, we still need to install the information package beforehand. Another thing is that we can only get access to the downloaded map offline, 
but the app cannot navigate us offline. 
In closing,
My first part on how to select between Google Maps and HERE WeGo Maps now has come to an end. To see which navigating tourist apps on Android for travelers is the winner in this battle, please keep up with 
my second post on this topic! Thank you! 
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