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8infinity Ativador Download [torrent Full]

8infinity Ativador Download [torrent Full]

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About This Game

If you change the units of speed and distance for “8”- what will happen? 8infinity (8 infinity).

8infinity (8 infinity) is a dynamic and rhythm game where the player reaches eights “8” - levels of infinity. In the game there are no barriers. If there are any, it’s only the imagination! This game is for everyone who wants to improve their quick thinking and the related skills.

Passing through eight is signaled by color, which player must click the correct button: violet or color blue, double color or gray - the most surprising move, where a player can’t touch the screen!

The level of difficulty increases every time you reach the "8" – the pace of the game becomes faster. Surprise causes unpredictable rotation of eights - it is like rollercoaster!

The hero of the game is a heavy metal ball, that enlightens "8" like an orange fireball. The whole game is complemented by the purposefully created sound.

The game graphic design has been carefully tailored combining terms of classic elements with modern visual design. a09c17d780

Title: 8infinity
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Forever Entertainment S. A.
Release Date: 23 Sep, 2016


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No tutorial . It gets boring after a while but it's an ok game. This game is fun, challenging, but fun. The closest thing I can think of to compare this with is super hexagon, but with arrow keys instead of your mouse. The only downside is that the music is REALLY slow, in my opinion they should either change it to something fast paced or let us choose our own.. No tutorial . It gets boring after a while but it's an ok game. Very simple game, but because of speed and turning the board it can make your relfexs work. Good little game, should be a mobile game.. Ultra simple reaction game.

You have 2 buttons. You try to hit the correct button/s when it tells you as it gets faster, spins, and who knows what else.

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