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Original Title: A Credible Threat

Genge: Action,Comedy,Drama,Fantasy,Horror,Romance,Thriller


































Scott and the pack try to use a charity lacrosse game to figure out the identity of the Beast.
"A credible threat" can't keep up the pace and action of Lie Ability but nevertheless it's a good episode. The opening scene is strong. It's dark, mysterious and quite gory but has a highlight with Parrish chasing the beast. Let's stick to Parrish for a moment: although the idea was nice to get him into touch with the supernatural being in him and to let him talk with Lydia, the scenes with Parrish as a whole left me unsatisfied. Much tension was built up, it was thrilling to see Lydia talking with the Hellhound itself but the denouement of the scene came too suddenly and the motives of the hell-hound itself stayed unclear. Is he playing his own game? Why did he lie about Parrish's death? The scene would have deserved a better end, again, a part of the series suffered from the sheer amount of plots stuffed into not enough time. 7/10 for this plot from me. In my eyes, the main plot was a bit thin: a whole episode dedicated to the information that the Dread Doctors try to accelerate the evolution of the beast with broadcast frequencies? This was on the weaker side, there are more important things to tell at this moment. (5/10 for the main plot, the short appearance of the Desert Wolf didn't help.) On the other hand, it allowed to bring back something that was missing in the show: Lacrosse and the Coach. It was great to see those elements returning from the first seasons, so this has given the episode a nice scent of nostalgia. 9/10 due to Coach bonus! Kira not being able to control herself and finally falling back into her mad kitsune attitude was a nice parallel to the times when Scott couldn't control himself during Lacrosse either. I didn't mind that scene, in fact it led to a nicely done girl-fight scene in the girl's locker room (for once, yay!) and we had the chance to see Brett's sister in action. But again, I was disappointed by the denouement of the scene: Scott simply shaking Kira and yelling at her solves the problem? Come on, something more dramatic would have fit the situation much better. So 8/10 for Kira going mad. Two things were great for me: it was only a short shot but Liam attacking the beast was cinematographic eye candy! The other great moment for me: Michael Johnston did a great job in representing a young supernatural who is uncomfortable with the situation, full of fear and concerns but finally helped with his limited powers because of his conscience and because of Mason. I liked that. +1 for this! My overall rating: 8/10

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