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About This Game


In a Massively Multiplayer World where you can fight, craft, explore and live, Arcfall offers a game style that captures old school RPG games with modern quality. Emerge yourself in a world where you can craft your own weapons and armor. Own your own house and fill it with furniture that enhances your character. Hire merchants to sell your goods to other players making Arcfall a pure player driven economy.

Being a pure skilled based game, every action you make adds to the growth of your character. Expand your network to include friends in your own guild and raid others in the PvP zones to gain their riches or steal from their homes. Be warned when you kill someone and it is not outside of the King's Reign, you might get branded a murderer and hunted by all.

Sail across the world on your own warship and take on pirates on the open seas, or export goods to other towns and sell them at a profit. With so many different things a player can do, you can shape your character and gameplay to the way you want it, the end game is just the start of your adventures. As this is early access some features are rather planed for later than sooner as we gather more feedback from players.

Here is a list of current features in this version:
  • Player Non Instance Housing (Implemented)
  • Player driven Economy (Auction House Implemented)
  • Trading (Implemented)
  • Crafting (Implemented)
  • Farming (Implemented)
  • Mounts (Implemented)
  • Full loot on death (Implemented)
  • PvE/PVP (Implemented)
  • Banks (Implemented)
  • Harvesting and gathering resources (Implemented)
  • Classless Skill based Character System (Implemented)
  • Massive World to explore (Implemented, more being added as well)
  • Non-Instanced Dungeons (Implemented)
  • PvP (Base PvP Implemented)
  • Guilds and factions (Implemented)
  • Player owned Islands (Implemented)
  • Pets & Taming (Implemented)
  • Weapon and Armor levelling and sockets (Implemented)
  • Armor Set Bones Stats (Implemented)

Do note this is Alpha so when stated implemented it means base design is in but all features will still be changing allot over the development process and polished. 1075eedd30

Title: Arcfall
Genre: Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Early Access
Neojac Entertainment inc.
Neojac Entertainment Inc.
Release Date: 16 May, 2017


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 64 bit or newer
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 DUO 2.4 GHz / AMD Athlon X2 2.7 GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX10 Compatible ATI Radeon HD 3870 / NVIDIA 8800 GT / Intel HD 3000 Integrated Graphics
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 22 GB available space


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Got permantly BANNED for beeing honest! you really did it..this is not going to end good for you as a developer!

i say it again: Shut this down, its not playable!!!. i can't even create a character to start, what you guys talked about so easy to start, i am requesting refund now.. This game has got potential. The recent influx of players to the server thanks to a semi popular streamer covering the game is good. It is great that it is a free in alpha game where there is already a thriving community and above all else the Devs are active and communicate well with the players. This game will be a success if it continues on the path it is on.

If you are coming into the game expecting it to be polished, completed and not adjusted to a end state game I do not suggest picking it up just yet cause it may leave a bad taste in your mouth. But if you come to the game knowing it is a work in progress and bring forward critical and constructive criticism as well as good ideas to how you would like the game, you can be part of the process to make a great successor to runescape grind and skill type games.. Cant even log into the game. cant even make account for the game after a paid for it. so i dont know seams very fishy. not hate just facts. I love to try the game. But i cant even log to it. I cant even make a account.. I could not handle playing this game for any longer than I did.

The sound quality is irritating. The animations are ugly. The game in general is so non user-friendly and uninformative.
It's a generic attempt at WoW or Runescape but can't decide which.. On the 6th of April game went f2p. I ve backed the game since last september through steam. Now i am here for good. Started playing 3 days ago on the 10th of April. At start it can be hella rough but if you give it time and you are not one of those instant gratification theme park people then you are gonna love it. Community is really friendly and we help new people a lot with giveaways. Also on today's update on the 13th of April there were some major QoL updates like inventory slots going from 16 to 24 and bank from 16 to 54. Having 3 banks across the cities and ofc the chests in your plot are no excuse for people saying "omg this inventory sux". L2manage your loot. Simple as that.

Game got hammered by 0.3 hour reviewers that dont even get through the first quest and ragequit.

Game has insane progression that feels rewarding once you manage it. Lots of skill trees with even more coming in the next 2 updates. Also best part is there is a player to player economy like old UO where you depend on other people's crats. Ofc you can go jack of all trades but that would take time. The no auction house part means you can get to know people/bargain with them/change mats and ofc get orders for crafting and gathering.

Game is still in pre-alpha stages but the dev neojac is making the best they can to ensure we get constant updates. They are also really talkative and helpful on Discord of the game.

Overall if you like to be part of a good community that is on the first stages of becoming a good mmo then get in game and start playing. Once you are in the starting area use /say to talk to the town based chat and have others talk back to you or even help you. There is a world chat planned to come along so us the veterans can help the new players easier as well.

But yeah 40+ hours since 3 days ago can tell you if this game is worth it or not. But if you want to listen to steam's charts and 0.3 hours reviews be my guest.. It still has a very very long way to go, but it's not bad - Didn't play it very long as playing with only 9fps on the american server was a bit too laggy for me, but when / if this game makes more progress and re-opens it's EU server so I can play with out constant stuttering I will be back!. I have a big problem, im 490 weigth, but my char its naked empty inventory and disarmed and occupy 280 weigth... only have 210 weigth efective.... i think when broken armour, weapon or others in use the weight not dissapear, mantain her weigth forever.... its a big bug... when its a crafting game and profesions... to make more str or end os int etc.... need free my weigth.... i have 280 phantom weigth... please help myu char name its Erraticus

Tengo un problema tengo 490 de carga total, pero mi personaje desnudo quitandole todo lo que lleva en el inventario y desarmado tiene ya una carga de 280, por loo que me deja una carga real de solo 210, yo pienso que cuando se rompe un arma o armadura y desaparece del inventario... el arma desaparece pero el peso se mantiene... por eso mi personaje desnudo tiene 280 de carga que no existen, por favor ayudenme mi personaje es Erraticus.

Por lo demas el juego para ser un alpha esta bien. Well.... it's free so okay. It has a store release date of two years ago and it's still classified as a pre-alpha by the developers so it's not going anywhere fast and there's not much here to begin with. Characters are preset and there's only like three of each gender, animations are either nonexistent or as rudimentary as it gets, and the quests I saw in a developer let's play don't exist in my game at all.

It's interesting, but very bare bones and the player base is practically zero. Try it, it's not bad, but it's' not anything else either. I'll probably continue to play off and on but there's no real reason to.

Pre-Alpha 2.46:
This update has more work being done to the back end of the game so not allot of new content in it but we are slowly making progress with some bugs.


- Fixed Settings to properly work again.
- Fixed Loot Drop for Alpha Greyback Wolf.
- Fixed Action bar so items do not overlap or cover hot Key UI.

We also want to thank everyone who has helped with finding bugs and also supported us through the in-game store. Without your support this game would not be possible.. Release Alpha V1.6:
This is our first official Free to Play Update list, more updates to come soon.

**Bugs Fixed:**

- Fixed group mana, you will now see updates on other group members mana levels. (Requires more testing)
- Optimized Player Character system so will have less Lag Spikes.


- Arcfall went Free To Play
- Added in Experience and character levels. Now you will be able to see what a mob or player experience level is. This will also determine what quests you can get as well as increase health and Mana slightly with each level.Max xp level is 100.
- Added all the resource node types.
- Added 2 New Bioms
- Added 4 New Mob Types.
- 2 New Dungeons are opened to allow testing of Dungeons.
- Completely new In-Game store added with options to purchase founders bundles through Steam.
- New furniture items added.
- Added 5 New quests for lower Character level.


- Changed Player Default Bag size from 16 slots to 24 slots.
- Increased Bank space from 16 slots to 56 slots.
- Spread current Quests over more character levels to better reflect the stage when to receive said quest.
- Mobs combat and health increased to better reflect the mobs level.. Arcfall Revamped:

As you may be aware, we have been very quiet for the past few months, and now it's my pleasure to tell you what has been going on with Arcfall.

As we have received great feedback from players from day one, we decided to take a step back and see how we could accomplish most of the things you all wanted. With that, we have had some major developments with regards to our tech, so we have moved Arcfall from a top-down play style to a full 3d game environment. With this move, a lot of bugs were fixed and it also opened up some amazing new gameplay systems. Unfortunately, with this, we will have to do a full character wipe, but the benefits will be well worth it. Another reason for the wipe is we are redoing the combat and skill progression system from scratch. With the new system, a player will gain experience points in crafting on every item he crafts. Certain higher-tier items will give more experience points than lower tier items. Skills will increase their level depending on how much experience points are needed to level them, this is based closely on the same progression system for a character XP leveling, but linked directly to the actions a player takes.

With combat, we will be introducing AOE abilities and mobs will have defensive abilities to counter attacks from players. With the new 3d view, we can use better effects that will trigger in-combat, making the feedback to players more enjoyable, as they strike a blow or cast a spell. The new tech also introduces a proper navmesh system allowing the server to know exactly where every player and mob's position is at any given time. This will streamline combat further as mobs will have AI, which will tell them to walk around objects to engage with players in a more realistic way.

The whole world is being rebuilt from scratch with beautiful sceneries which allow us to bring the Lore of Arcfall to the players in a more enjoyable way. Another new thing that is added is arenas which will allow players to test their skills against other players.

As we make this transition from top-down view to 3d view and the new technology, the servers will be down from Friday, August 17 until September 22 when we will be launching the new world. All players who have purchased Founders packages and coin in our in-game store will have those items renewed for you to spend on new items. We hope you are as excited about this new step in Arcfall as we are and look forward to playing alongside you on September 22, fighting dragons or taming one.
. Founders Packs Weekend Sale:
All founders packs that help support the game is this weekend on sale with 30% discounted. If you enjoy the game and want to support us further please take a look at these packs that have some cosmetic items that are only available to founders.

Founders Packs Link : http://www.neojac.com/index.php/games/arcfall. Pre-Alpha Version 2.48:
Most of the last week has been spend trying to fix a major bug so not allot of new content in this patch.

- Fixed Skinning Icon.
- Fixed Abilities Cooldown Bug.
- Fixed Animations not playing during combat.

- Founders Cloaks in Store, similar items will be available for players through regular game play, these founders items in store is limited only to alpha version and will be removed from store after alpha.. Pre-Alpha 1.4 Update:
With this update, we have added a lot more abilities and items and also added in the first version of the world map. More to come very soon. We did do a final character wipe so you will now be able to play without any worries.

**Bugs Fixed:**

- Fixed bug where certain Passive Abilities would increase a skill by using it.


- 9 new Leather types added
- 50 new items added
- Completion of Refining Skill tree with abilities going up to 1000 skill points.
- Completion of Leatherworks Skill tree with abilities going up to 1000 skill points.
- Completion of Blacksmithing Skill tree with abilities going up to 1000 skill points.
- Completion of Taming Skill tree with abilities going up to 1000 skill points.
- Completion of Skinning Skill tree with abilities going up to 1000 skill points.
- Completion of Healing Skill tree with abilities going up to 1000 skill points.
- Completion of Alchemy Skill tree with abilities going up to 1000 skill points.
- Added 3 new mobs.
- 51 new recipes added
- First pass on mini map and world map.

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