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About This Game

Beyond Eden is a visual novel set in the Victorian era, centering on the themes of "love-hate" and "revenge."
The player enters the shoes of Alex Wake, a young businessman who returns to a Baron’s mansion where he stayed as a boy. Bearing a deep grudge against the Baron and his family, Alex seeks to manipulate them and their employees in order to lead the family down the path of destruction.
Alex can develop dark and complex relationships with 6 male characters. It depends on you, the player, to steer the story towards foreseeable tragedies or help Alex discover the faint chance of redemption.

  • A psychological thriller centered on revenge.
  • Homosexual romance between men based on the dark themes of love and hate.
  • Warning: Features dubious consent/non-consensual sex between adult men.
  • Develop relationships with 6 male characters (5 romantic interests) of various age, personality, and physique: the austere eldest son and heir apparent, the cold and silent second son, the pure and innocent youngest son, the kindly family doctor, the impeccably polite butler, and the social butterfly friend.
  • More than 20 in-game events with sexual content. (Note: Does not include sexual depictions of women or minors.)
  • Individual stories for all romantic interests. Clearing every route will uncover the full truth behind the tragedy that transpired at the Baron’s mansion more than a decade ago.
  • 17 different endings.
  • More than 70 elaborately illustrated event graphics.
  • Beyond Eden provides voices by Korean professional voice actors during major in-game events.
  • Beautiful original score in tune with the period drama. Over 30 tracks.
  • 15~25 hours of gameplay.

5 romantic interests

Befriendable character (non-romantic story route)

(Note: Jeremy is not a romantic interest, but Alex can still form a certain type of relationship with him. Jeremy has his own story route and endings as well.)

It is the late Victorian era, a time of drastic social upheaval and shifting values.
Yet everything seemingly remains routine and unchanged in 'Ashgrove Park,' a stately mansion surrounded by a vast forest.
But then a man arrives to disturb its tranquility—a man who spent his boyhood at the estate has now returned after 10 years.
The Baron Edenic—the master of the house—and his four sons, the doctor, and the servants greet him with wariness, joy, or unfamiliarity.
A story of discord and destruction between and the people of the mansion and a man who hides his thirst for revenge beneath a calm demeanor.
Does the fall await beyond Eden?
Or— 6d5b4406ea

Title: Beyond Eden
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Studio Pieplus
Studio Pieplus
Release Date: 6 Oct, 2017


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Really good story . Fully recommend it.. I love this game. It's one of my favorites. The story is great. Revenge, love, lust, and mystery.. Beautiful - a beautifully dark plot with an antihero protagonist and well-written characters with one of the best plots and writing I have ever had the great opportunity to read!

The voice acting was excellent and the art was perfect to me if a bit flawed at times.

Anyway it's a great game and I can't wait to finish it.

Plenty of replayability with a bunch of endings.

It seemed short but I only played 1 of 17 endings.

My only complaint is that it seems kind of short for each ending and I like longer routes especially for the high price but I don't care that much.

I'd buy many more similar games and I hope the developers make many more games like these for Steam in English! <3. The story is about a man, Alex Wake, who lives only for revenge. But, as he encounters each of the 6 romantic interests, he discovers that his revenge is pretty much baseless.
At first, he is...mean, really mean. He r*pes and blackmail some characters, that way the game makes you understand that Alex lost his mind, and it's up to you to make him go to the right path again. I'm not saying r*pe and blackmail are good things. This were the things I didn't like in this game. I just appreciate the fact that Alex can have a chance to be someone trustworthy again, since he pretty much lost it.
The art is great, the music and the voice acting too.
I saw that the youngest son, Jeremy, had a route. I was afraid that Alex would have a romantic relationship with him, but I'm relieved to say that this is not the case. I woudn't have bought it that way. In my opinion, Jeremy's first ending is the most satisfaying, and the cutest.
As for the price... I wouldn't know, since I brought this game during a sale!
Last, but not least... Please. PLEASE. PLEASE!! Give Edward a full route. He deserves it. He's cute! I think Alex and Edward could help each other to become better people.. Really loved the darkness of the plot at some points. Would absolutely recommend. Still thinking about this quite often and wish I could play it again for the first time.. I love this game. It's one of my favorites. The story is great. Revenge, love, lust, and mystery.. I'm neither a fan of most BL visual novels nor dark and unhealthy relationships in stories, so I went into this game expecting the usual stereotypes, and Beyond Eden blew me out of the water. I'm glad I took a chance on this game despite my wariness - it may be my favorite VN of the last 10 years.

Fundamentally, Beyond Eden isn't really a romance VN. Its main focus is on telling a good story about flawed-but-sympathetic people with complex relationships, and while romance can occur (in spite of the protagonist's best efforts) it's incidental to the primary themes of revenge and redemption. Structurally, the full story is uncovered bit by bit through each of the six characters' routes; each has a unique plotline focusing on the protagonist's specific grudge against that character a la Count of Monte Cristo, and a different theme at its center - forgiveness, freedom, trust, etc.

Characterization (and the writing) is the highlight of this game. Every character - from the responsibility-burdened eldest son to the affectionate family doctor to even the vengeful protagonist - is realistically portrayed, with understandable motivations and weaknesses. Their interactions with each other are a joy to watch, whether the scene is humorous or dramatic, and you honestly want to root for them through everything. And while dubious consent and outright nonconsent does play a significant role, it's always acknowledged as what it is and used to drive the narrative; I never felt that it was gratuitous, out-of-character, or excused as romantic.

There are still some areas that could've been improved on - for one, even the happy endings are very open-ended about how exactly the plot would resolve - but in general the writing is highly competent and engaging, and the translator did a great job of capturing the Victorian period setting in description and dialogue. The editor less so, as there are still numerous typos and misstatements in the game script, but the devs are very responsive and actively fixing them (which is a big point in their favor). Aesthetically the game is well-designed as well; the art and music skillfully set the tone of the game and give life to the characters, and the artwork is appealing while being tasteful, including explicit CGs.

In the end, although I've played this game for way longer than how long it actually takes to finish, I keep coming back and finding new nuances I didn't notice the first times around. Beyond Eden really is a gem, and I'm looking forward to any other releases by this studio.

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