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Bohnanza The Duel Download Xp

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About This Game

For more than 20 years, game designing legend Uwe Rosenberg has given players of Bohnanza the opportunity to plant beans and harvest them in exchange for as many bean dollars as possible. In the two-player-version Bohnanza – The duel, the two bean farmers offer each other gifts of beans they don‘t want for themselves, ideally ones that their opponent can‘t make use of, either. Cleverly combining the types of beans on the fields allows them to fulfil bonus tasks. The player who manages to earn the most bean dollars wins the game.

Face off against different AI opponents, or challenge hobby gardeners from all over the world! Find your place on the Bohnanza leaderboard!

- True-to-the-original, digital port of the two-player-version of Uwe Rosenberg‘s popular game Bohnanza
- The easy interactive tutorial makes for a quick entry to the game
- Featuring AI opponents of various levels of difficulty
- Play platform-independent duels against the best players in the world 6d5b4406ea

Title: Bohnanza The Duel
Genre: Casual, Strategy
Release Date: 27 Dec, 2017

English,French,German,Simplified Chinese,Japanese,Korean,Russian

I'm very confused about this. I'm sure they use computers to make these phone games. I assume they use a keyboard and mouse\/touchpad to navigate the programming interface, be it C++, Unity, or whatever. Yet the game is released on PC with a phone\/tablet interface that is just so awkward to use. It seems like adapting the games interface to mouse and keyboard should be the simplest part of porting to PC.

I wish some developers could be forced to use Unity on a touchscreen only with an onscreen keyboard and get a taste of how important the interface of software should match the hardware it's used on.

Ranting aside..

I recommend the game on its mechanics alone, plus I just don't care much about playing games on phones and tablets or I'd go that route.. A fun card game that requires some strategy. The mechanism where you have to give a card to your adversary each turn (with a possibility of counter offer) is really interesting. The tutorial is O.K., and I understood some rules better when I read the manual. The presentation is nice and the interface works well. I would like a possibility to click on a card and a destination (instead of drag and drop) and a few keyboard shortcuts (at least space or enter to confirm), but that's not a big problem. For now, as a beginner, I lost three times against the easy AI, I appreciate the challenge. A good game.

. I love Bohnanza as a table-top game, and really wanted to love it as a computer game, but unfortunately...

The main problem is the user interface. I literally was unable to complete the tutorial as I was unable to figure out how to do what was being asked. I googled\/youtubed for an answer to no avail. After about 20 minutes of flailing around I gave up and asked for a refund (first time in well over 100 games bought on steam).

Maybe after this game has been out for awhile and has a good user base, with plenty of help artifacts on the web, it will be a good game. But for now, it's unplayable for me.. This game CONSTANTLY gets "stuck" mid game. I've never actually been able to complete a game. I'll make a move, then the computer player will make a move, then the game just sits there with no actions available to either player. I'm only able to play about 5 mins at a time. Don't purchase.

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