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Circuit Loops FULL

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Fulfill your dream to create electronic music. Circuit Loops is the 5d3b920ae0

Title: Circuit Loops
Genre: Audio Production, Utilities
Music Breath
Music Breath
Release Date: 20 Apr, 2018

English,German,Traditional Chinese,Portuguese,Russian

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The applications does not support the VSTi digital instruments plugin API. Therefore, these are standalone applications that do not integrate with an artists work environment, his DAW. While the application is useful to some, I miss many features and wonder why some work the way they do. There is a beat you can add to your song, but these are merely samples and never get adjusted in speed when you choose to do so. In other words, if you would use a beat, they are on a fixed BPM. I vote down, as this is not for me. but it can surely be fun for the price it is available at, but just not for me.. Very very bad. I wasted my money on this and it is super bad. it dosnt have fullscreen and not a lot of sound and there is annoying background music.. Completely useless program. Seriously. Isn't even worth $0.99 and I paid $6.99!. Crap DO NOT INVEST IN. The developers forgot to ad a B or F note to the frigging timeline so no way can you make any songs.

Update v0.0.11 : Over the last few months, a huge number of additions, changes, and fixes have been released on the publictesting branch. We've finally come to a point where it's a good time to push these changes to the default branch. If you haven't been keeping up with the test branch, you're in for a good surprise. Here's a summary of the main changes: Custom Maps The new Map Editor, while a work in progress, enables you to create random or heightmap generated terrains, paint cities, and place objects and roads. Like custom missions, maps can be easily shared. Custom missions built on custom maps will also automatically include those maps when shared. F/A-26B Campaign The first four missions of a new campaign for the fighter jet are now available. These missions are set in large desert maps built in the new map editor. Wingmen Communications With the help of many generous community members, there are now over 20 different voices for the AI pilots who fly with you. You'll hear them warning you of incoming threats, calling out fired missiles, and responding to your commands. With voice recognition (enabled by Windows 10) you can use your voice to command them to attack targets, get in formation, refuel, and more. Improved Radar System The radar system has been overhauled to be more realistic. Different factors such as the Doppler effect, ground clutter, and radar cross-section come into play when you or the enemy are trying to detect and lock targets. You'll also need to consider that your radar emissions can be detected by others much further (via RWR) than your receiver can detect returns. New Anti-Radiation weapons will allow you to target enemy radar signals to keep the sky safe from air defenses. The full list of changes since v0.0.10p2 are below: Alpha v0.0.11General- Added Map Editor- Added more communications commands in MFD- Added velocity vectors to air unit icons in MFD map- Added fuel/thrust info page to right mini MFD on both vehicles- Added 4K screenshot button to S-Cam (saved in Screenshots folder in game directory)- Added support for Oculus SDK- Added nav map icon for player-launched GPS weapons- Added mic switch to each vehicle's comms panel- Added wingman voice commands- Added illuminated elements to dials and knobs- Added map editor button to VR game menu- Added first pass at ATC communications- Added option to hide helmet in FPV for wide-FOV HMDs- Added grouped unit icons for air units in MFD map- Added "New Objective" notification to HUD- Added BGM Volume setting in game settings menu- Changed MP3 streaming library to NAudio- Changed background music - Changed reply messages for rearming request to make more sense- Modified behavior of twist knobs to appear more natural- Moved intro carrier scene position to indoors- Moved settings window to flat panel display- Optimized airbase taxi lane pathfinding- Restarting a scenario will no longer require reloading the entire map- Fade audio on transitions to prevent harsh sounds when loading into cockpit- Fixed experimental wind affecting vehicle in configuration scene- Fixed missiles' proximity detonation sometimes failing at high relative speed- Fixed joystick behavior when grabbed at odd angles- Fixed MFD map display sometimes having incorrect depth- Fixed briefing audio not playing- Fixed bug in heatseeker code that caused log spam and lag- Fixed cockpit mp3 radio not playing in stereo- Fixed hardware input bindings not loading when launching editor from intro scene- Fixed occasional issues when spawning on a carrier- Fixed: unintended launch warnings when planes drop bombsA/V-42C- Added G-limiter switch- Added MFD Brightness knob- Adjusted aerodynamics- Increased internal fuel capacity by 14%- Tweaked engine fuel drain (increased)- Fixed hover/altitude autopilot label alignment in HUD- Fixed log error spam caused by certain text elements- Fixed overlapping in mini MFD fuel pageF/A-26B- Added AIM-120 x2 mount for F/A-26B equipment- Added HUD warning for folded wings- Added MFD Brightness knob- Added conformal fuel tanks to F/A-26B equipment- Added first 4 missions to an F/A-26B campaign- Added instrument lighting switch and dimmer knob- Added larger droptank to F/A-26B equipment- Added locked target name in Radar UI- Added material emission to jet nozzles with afterburner- Increased gear suspension spring and damper values- Reversed RWR switch to match orientation of Radar switch- Switched cockpit instrument labels to lit shader- Tweaked engine fuel drain (decreased)- Wings will start folded if spawning on carrier- Fixed issues when turning off radar while targets are locked/trackedEquipment- Added "trigger uncage" mode to heat seeking missiles- Added anti-radiation weapons- Added guidance and range info to HUD for Antiship missile- Added launch zone indicator for IR missiles- Added target lead prediction to HUD CCRP cues for moving targets (bombs)- Improved accuracy and added lead prediction for rocket CCIP when TGP has target data- Increased damage of AIM-9- Show HUD message when AGM selected and no TGP attached- TGP and laser/optically guided weapons will be affected by terrain occlusion- Fixed Antiship missile not starting path at selected GPS waypoint if preceeding path points exist- Fixed aim direction of rocket pods for F/A-26B- Fixed error when switching to AGM with no TGP attached- Fixed explosions not doing damage when they originate inside a hitboxRadar- Added directional indicator on RWR for launch warnings- Implemented advanced radar effects- Improved RWR behavior when detecting missile locks- Fixed issues with missiles magically reacquiring radar locksWingmen- Added radio messages for several more wingman situations- Added RTB and rearm commands for wingmen- Added Radar On/Off commandUnits- Added ASF-30 fighter/attack jet (Enemy)- Added MK-82AIR to AI AV-42C equips- Added allied heavy bomber- Added enemy bunkers- Added enemy heavy bomber- Added exterior lights to AV-42 and FA-26 AI units- Added pilot ejection animations to AV-42 and F/A-26B AI- Added rearming stations to each spawn point on aircraft carrier- Added sea-skimming behavior to ships' anti-ship missiles- Added storage tent building as destructible target- Fixed bug where AV-42C AI wouldn't use AIM-9 x2 and x3 racks- Fixed droptank attachment point location on ASF-58- Fixed enemy ship gun turrets aiming too low.- Fixed ground units stopping short of destination when using "Move To" event action- Fixed landing behavior of ASF-33- Fixed missing hitboxes on enemy carrier's IR missile launchers- Fixed rocket boats still shooting a rocket after being killed- Fixed: Allied carrier was invincible- CIWS and AAA units use now radar to track targets- Disabled AI plane collisions when taxiing- Reduced the accuracy of gun turrets that do not use radar trackingAI- Added rearming/refueling behavior to AI pilots at airbases/carriers- Improved AI pilot air-to-air guns aiming- No longer jettison external tanks while evading missile- AI pilots engage enemies detected via RWR- AI pilots no longer select weapons that are too weak to damage their target- Fixed AI AGM targeting for moving targets- Fixed AI VTOLs attempting to take off vertically when spawned in hangars- Fixed bombing behavior for moving targets- Fixed bug that caused AI pilots to have difficulty firing anti-ship missiles- Fixed bug where AI pilot got stuck if you cut in to refuel right after they disconnect from boom- Fixed issue when pilot that was going to refuel was interrupted by enemy fire- Fixed: AI pilots could see enemy fire from infinite distanceMission Editor- Added "Cancel Objective" event action for objectives.- Added "Platform" static object- Added "Set Invincible" event action for AI units- Added Bases tab and "base editor" to set military base names and teams- Added MP3 support for audio resources audio- Added Radar On/Off event actions for AI pilots- Added ability to move static objects- Added ability to select units by clicking on them in the world- Added conditional mission objective type- Added conditional node editor- Added conditional trigger type- Added default behavior settings for sea units- Added distance/radius measurement tool- Added invincibility field to AI units- Added non-targets list actions for AI pilots- Added priority targets actions for AI pilots- Fixed bug where selecting units in the units tab stops responding sometimes- Fixed: Orbit Waypoint event action on single unit did not apply radius and altitude settings- Fixed: air units could be commanded to land at enemy carriersAkutan (Island map)- Added bridge and another road to airbaseEnvironment- Added shallowness and shore effects to water shader- Added tree collisions (optional). New Pilot Issues : Hi everyone. I've been getting more reports lately that the SteamVR keyboard isn't showing up when attempting to create a new pilot. I will be releasing a patch soon that will have a built-in virtual keyboard instead of relying on the SteamVR keyboard. It will have a few other miscellaneous fixes including the rudder-binding fix. Until then, try restarting SteamVR, Steam and/or your computer if the keyboard fails to show. Sorry for the inconvenience! The patch should be up within the next couple days.. v0.0.11f5 Patch : Patches 3, 4, and 5 for v0.0.11 have been pushed from the test branch to the main branch. Patch 3 in particular brought dramatically improved memory usage when loading and unloading custom maps.. Update v0.0.9 : Hey everyone! I've been recreating the original "Island" campaign using the built-in editor, playing some of your custom missions and campaigns, and fixing all the bugs I found in doing so (there were quite a few!). So this update is focused on bug fixes, but there some other small changes I think you'll enjoy such as the new pilot model and color customization, and updated explosion effects. Unfortunately, your progress on the Island campaign will be reset, but it's not very long anyway so please let me know if you run into any problems playing through it, since it was rebuilt from scratch. Now that most of the problems are out of the way, it's time for me to start creating new missions for the campaign, start working on the fighter campaign, and adding fun new features! Here's the full list of changes: Alpha v0.0.9AV-42C- Recreated The Island campaign using VTEditor- Created new QuickFlight campaign to replace old one- Enabled brake lock when starting landed, flight-ready, to prevent rolling off carrier- Improved control using Hover AutopilotF/A-26B- Added some interior engine audio- Added HUD reticle for boresight mode- Radar now remains in boresight mode when unlocking a target previously acquired via boresight- Joystick button now unlocks target acquired in boresight mode and returns to boresight mode- Allowed weapons to be attached on fuel tank pylons- Fuel tank pylons are now displayed in EQUIP MFD page- Fixed: Soft-locks remained when switching radar to boresight mode- Fixed: Joystick button still TWS locked targets when in boresight modeEditor- Added loading scenes- Added invincibility option when testing a scenario from the editor- Added mission availability mode option to campaign editor (Sequential or all available)- Added event action for setting whether air unit or air group should do radio comms- Added "Attack Target" and "Cancel Attack Target" event actions for air units and air groups- Added confirmation dialogue when deleting a trigger event- Added static objects- Added tooltips in the Scenario Info window- Fixed black screen issues when launching custom campaign mission from editor- Fixed incorrect team showing when selecting a formation leader for an air unit group event action- Fixed: Objectives showed incomplete status even though a required unit was selected- Fixed error when deleting a scenario from the Open menu before opening any scenario- Fixed: Enabling a previously disabled trigger event through an event action did not actually enable it- Fixed drop-off objectives on the hospital helipad not working- Fixed trigger event not working if the waypoint is a unit that was not spawned immediately- Fixed mission breaking error caused by having a Fly To objective with no waypoint set- Fixed error when an air group is commanded to take off or land, but one of the pilots is dead- Fixed: Unable to save when an event action targets an objective that has been deleted- Fixed error when loading a scenario that had a reference to a waypoint that was deleted- Fixed: Editing scenario info of campaign training mission set it to non-training- Fixed: Forcing equips that the player hasn't unlocked caused black screen in vehicle config hangar- Set all equips enabled by default on a new campaignUnits- Reduced attack rate of DMS Cruiser- Added vapor effects to enemy fighters- Fixed: Refuel tanker was radio messaging the player when an AI FA-26 was refueling- Fixed render layers of ASF-58 and GAV-25 low-poly LODs- Fixed RWR symbol of drones launched from drone carrier ship- Fixed Manta UCAV ignoring default values set in editorAI- Fixed issue when assigning a target to wingman who is already in combat- Fixed: Enemy fighters won't evade or engage when far away from their orbit waypoint or wing leader- Fixed issue where ships assigned to a looped path sometimes start in the wrong directionWeapons- Increased AIM-9 and IRIS-T resistance to countermeasures- Increased AMRAAM turning capability at higher speeds- Gun director sight will use radar or TGP target data if availableGeneral- Updated explosion particle effects- Updated pilot body and hands models- Added dark background to MFD labels to improve readability- Added some hand gestures- Added pilot color customization- Added different overlay unit icon for allied units so team can be identified in nightvision- Spectator camera settings are now persistent- Increased NVG illumination- Radars no longer detect aircraft that are landed- Fixed: Launching a campaign mission with no vehicle configuration switched to the editor instead- Fixed incorrect custom campaign mission being launched with zero budget under certain circumstances- Fixed rearming panel weapon display on moving carrier. Dev Log - November 22, 2017 (+Autumn Sale!) : VTOL VR is 15% off for the Steam Autumn Sale! Since the last update, I've been working on tools that will make creating content for the game a whole lot easier. These tools will be built into the game and will allow the community to create and share custom missions and maps. The first tool will be the mission editor. Until the map creator is done, you will be able to use the mission editor to create custom scenarios in the existing island/ocean map. I've also been working on the model for the upcoming flyable Fighter/Attack jet. It will be an updated version of the jets that your wingmen currently fly. There's still many things to do for it, so it won't be available until early 2018. I've recieved reports that a small number of players have experienced getting a black screen after returning from a mission in the latest update. It's unclear why it only happens to a few people, but I believe I've found the source of the problem, so it should be fixed in the next update. There's also an issue where the hardware rudder binding will only detect one of your attached devices, so if you have several joysticks/controllers, it may not read your rudder pedals. This issue has also been fixed for the next update.. Update v0.0.4 : It has been over a month since the last public update, but I hope you'll find that the wait was worth it. (By the way, VTOL VR is 20% off until Nov 1, so tell all of your friends! Happy Halloween!) Here are the highlights: We've updated to a newer version of the game engine which, among other things, brings huge improvements to performance. There's now a GPS targeting system, along with GPS guided weapons such as bombs and an anti-ship cruise missile. For a video tutorial on how to use the new system, click here . Mission 6 (Darkness) is now available to be played in "The Island" campaign. There are now options for alternatives modes of rudder input: left thumb control, or hardware rudder pedals. The AV-42C now has two additional hardpoints where you can mount weapons. There's many more improvements, changes and fixes! Here's the full change log: Alpha v0.0.4

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