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The world is afflicted with a mysterious disease known as "The Enigma."
Chester, infected with this disease, finds himself washed onto a lonely island, Carlyl 5d3b920ae0

Title: ENIGMA:
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Fruitbat Factory
Release Date: 15 Nov, 2016


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This is the most beautiful VN i played. It make me laugh, smile, cry and some moments that was WTF but it was also heartwarming. It make me so hooked and honestly i would love a sequel after what happen on a certain epilogue but i am happy with the ending and would totally recommend anyone to give it a tried. I could see myself coming back to play this game over and over again. It was seriously beautiful and im glad to have found and played this. The story is great and interesting, and the music is really good and wish they have an bgm dlc cause i would pay to listen some of it again but they only have the opening and ending soundtrack but hey, its still good. The artstyle is amazing and very vibrant. The characters are also very intresting and i wish we could spent more time with them and get to know them more.. Awesome visual novel, it leaves you craving for more. I wish they had explained a bit more about a bunch of stuff, so I'll hope we someday see a sequel (or prequel) to this story.. ENIGMA is a really well designed VN, in my opinion. I've read/played through all endings, and as such, MY favorite ending is Envirio 1 (Goodnight) ending. I do recommend ENIGMA if you like good stories.. What a thoroughly entertaining gem of a VN with a rather neat story structure going for it. In this game our protagonist is Chester, a man with not a lot of time left to live. There's a disease called Enigma, and it's eating away him and humanity as a whole. He's a man who wants to believe in heroes and heroism, and in his last few moments decides to embark on a solitary adventure by sea, not really to accomplish anything, but perhaps to find a peaceful place to die? He ends up shipwrecked and awakens on an island not on any map, almost as though it is cut off from the rest of the world. He winds up amidst some rather inviting company in this equally beautiful and mysterious island, a perfect place to spend his last moments. But there is more than meets the eye to these inhabitants. His fate slowly begins to tangle itself with the island in rather surprising ways, as if his arrival was more than just accident. This is the general synopsis. The game itself has some really interesting things to say about heroism, friendship, love, and death, and has quite a neat way of doing this with the traditional VN route system with multiple endings and a "true" ending. It's nothing that hasn't been done before in VNs, and if you're familiar with popular VNs, you'll probably intuit what the game is trying to go for after going through a few specific endings. Either way, the game does what it does rather nicely and makes for a real fun read. Chester by the way, is an amazing protagonist. He is an adult and for the most part, he acts like one. For a man who has so little time left to live, he has more chill than your average protagonist in an anime/manga/VN. And despite how easy it could be to, it never tries to go the low route with his dying condition. It doesn't try to forcibly pull your heartstrings with him not having a lot of time left and dwelling on it. Other characters are also more or less likable in my eyes at least, though there are a few whose motivations for their actions I personally found a bit weaker, especially in some endings. The multiple endings by the way, are all worth looking at, going as far as to say they are for the most part essential towards the grand finale, as well as better understanding some of the characters. The game seems designed to want you to go through the endings, as the mysterious person at the start of the game can guide you towards new routes. Unfortunately, despite this person's help, this hunting for endings can be quite a bothersome experience. Which is a shame since all the endings are worth looking at, even if some of them border on the outrageous at times (Boy, some endings can really knock the wind out of you with their brutality and cruelty). This is perhaps my biggest gripe with this game. It has to be this way because of the story it wants to tell, but in the end, it's still a bit of a pain considering how many endings there are. I found myself constantly guessing if this or that choice will lead to a new ending. Going on to presentation, the music in this game is a rather pleasant surprise. The music starts off as rather reserved, not grabbing your attention, until key parts of the plot come into play. It's then that you slowly grow to appreciate the tracks. Too bad the mini-ost doesn't have more tracks aside from the OP and ED, nor does the game itself have a music mode it would seem. The art in the game nothing ultimately amazing, and sometimes the backgrounds can repeat a bit, but sometimes the game will throw you a curveball and have a rather pretty sight or a new background you haven't seen before. There's also a decent amount of CGs and they complement whatever scenes they are depicting very well. I sadly feel that this game might get passed on the wayside by many people. It doesn't exactly have much to draw people in aside from its mystery hook. For those willing to give it a try, they might be like me and find a really interesting and entertaining experience that I do not regret having. I'm glad fruitbat brought yet another interesting VN out that isn't some big name known to many. For this game has a story to tell too, I found it good enough to want others to see it.. warning: the word "ret*rded" comes up sometime after the 3rd choice. i am autistic (asperger's) and i would rather not see the word normalized as an insult in such a beautiful game. it was terribly disappointing. other than that sour note, i am enjoying the game very much. sorry if you were expecting an in-depth review.. An absolutely breath taking visual novel with a deep story that connects the main character to his environment. I found it enjoyable to go through the game over and over again for new events and endings. Pros: -Beautiful Graphics -Great Opening -Memorable Characters -Choices effect how the story progresses. - A variety of ending Cons: - Would have liked if the story explained more about the island's history.. the background music fits to game to a T the atmosphere it creates is wonderful and throughout the game you are always keep on your toes what may seem like good choices may due to one slight mistep turn competely different to what you expected i like that about it and the true ending is SOO satisfying.. The story of how Iu2019ve got the game is pretty short. At first I didnu2019t know anything about it. Have seen the page of ENIGMA few times but didnu2019t pay much attention. However, one day I saw screenshots in my feed made by Aniva , got interested, waited for a discount and bought it. So, my thoughts after 16 hours of reading (Iu2019ve completed the novel 100%). Pros : + the novel is aesthetically beautiful and the soundtrack is very good and atmospheric. + unusual fantasy setting with heavy environmental theme similar, in my opinion, to Miyazakiu2019s Mononoke Princess or Nausicau00e4 of the Valley of the Wind. + interesting and unique cast of characters, each with their mysteries, quirks and past. + dialogues are rich and believable; Iu2019ve enjoyed them way more than expected. + I usually distaste scriptwritersu2019 efforts to add jokes and humor to the story if itu2019s unnecessary or forced but in this case every single joke and absurd situation look absolutely natural, truly funny and sometimes even witty. + unique protagonist who finally acts like a normal adult human being. + simple yet still enjoyable lore with interesting themes of fallen heroes, unexpected villain(?) and world epidemic. Cons u2026 Ok, itu2019s not actually cons but more of a rant . 1. Some endings look ridiculous. Not because theyu2019re badly written but because they just feel unnecessary and donu2019t contribute much to the story. 2. Half of the story of the fallen heroes is great but the other half is poorly baked with one-two plotholes and many unexplained details. Plus some charactersu2019 obsession over this theme doesnu2019t suit the flow of narration. 3. Genius plotline is weird. At first I though heu2019s Lyonau2019s diseased husband and merchant-outsider at the same time because it doesnu2019t contradict itself , however everything with it turns out to be way simpler and disappointing. Maybe the scriptwriter wanted to implement both ideas but it didnu2019t happen, I dunno. 4. Elu2019s plotline tragedy was flushed in the toilet. The game was building tension and secrets over this line foru2026 I dunnou2026 almost the whole game? However, in the end everything turns into u201cOh well, El kinda died of Enigma too, thatu2019s it.u201d WHY BUILD THE TENSION AND MAKE IT SO IMPORTANT THEN DEDICATE ONLY 5 MINUTES TO REVEAL EVERYTHING?! 5. Why Colette and Laurou2019s mother suddenly jumped of the cliff? Whatu2019s with the Gretau2019s bride curse? What about Ignis fallen party members? Why try to explain everything when you can just dedicate literally few lines to everything and then sweep it under the rug. Donu2019t get me wrong, itu2019s very beautiful game with unique and interesting story but, cu2019mon, stop sacrificing important plot answers in favor of some idiotic plotline u201cThe-True-Hero-Will-Come-And-We-Will-Help-Him-But-It-Is-Not-You-Chesteru201d. I donu2019t care about some random hero who appears for literally 10 minutes during the epilogue, I care about Chester (the protagonist), about El, Ignis, Greta, Envirio and all others who have their normal long roles in the story.. I've got nothing but praise for this game. Amazing graphics, organic dialogue, intriguing story, what more do you want? I bought this game when it only had like 4-5 reviews, which I have never done until now. I spontaneously decided to give it a chance due to its great art style, and I'm glad I did. This game will hit you emotionally in just the right spot. And while most VN's I've played just give you CGs for all the endings and maybe 1-2 along the way, this game accentuates its most beautiful and poignant moments with some drop-dead gorgeous CGs. This game spoiled me with its art. I'm afraid to talk about the story without spoiling anything. I'll just say this: this game has some of the most original "bad ends" I've encountered, rather refreshing to see.

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