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Flying Salvager Download 2gb Ram

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About This Game

Drones have become widespread in our daily life, but it's time to find them a really worthwhile application! For example — treasure hunting! Collect artifacts with the help of drone, if you cannot dig by yourself personally, because you are too shy, or don't want to get your hands dirty, or have sworn an oath that you will never touch a shovel!

In this game you have to control a sophisticated drone. Your goal is to scan the terrain, discover a variety of unusual objects and arrange them in cozy collections.

  • 5 different locations that store uncharted secrets deep in their bowels;
  • A lot of collectibles, grouped into 10 collections, as well as additional surprises that your radar can detect.

Title: Flying Salvager
Genre: Casual, Simulation
Shadow Motion
Shadow Motion
Release Date: 8 Dec, 2017

English,German,Simplified Chinese,Russian

Nothing good about this Game. Feels like a prototype pre development state!. Alright, If you came here for my opinion, i don't like this game.
if you wanna know why, then keep reading

When i bought this, i really wanted it to be a cool and original idea, instead, its repetitive, boring, and tedious.
i have yet to complete the FIRST LEVEL because once you have found around 3\/4 of the items in a level, you just go around randomly seeing if you can find a signal to lead to a item.

Simply put:
-Fairly Original Idea
-Nice Art Style
-Fidget Spinners

So, TL;DR:
Its Bad.

Edit 1: I Have Managed To Comlete The First Level, After Long Minutes Of Flying Around The Entire Level, I Just Checked Out Swamp, And Its Even Worse!
-Confusing Terrain
-No Clear Boundaries

This Game Just Keeps Getting Worse.... I really like the idea of this game, but it needs some adjustments before I can really say it is an excellent game.

-Fun to collect all the different items
-Has achievements
-Really nice polygon minimalistic backgrounds, I love the setting of each level
-Each level is different and interesting (in terms of scenery)

-Recharging takes a really long time
-Charge drains too fast to find an item
-Some achievements are impossible (20 items in 10 minutes? Yeah, not going to happen)
-Controls are weird, I don't like the IJKL for flight height and I find drone's need to go lower constantly very annoying
-Finding flags takes a long time and you can't find the boxes if you are too low to the ground or too high (must be super accurate)

EDIT: After finding out you can upgrade your drone with longer battery\/better search radius, I'm changing my review to a thumbs up because this does fix some of the annoying parts of the game. That said, I still think the game needs some tweeks.

I think the optimal game would have 5 items per level (maybe even 8-10) and the energy would drain much more slowly (and charge very quickly). The flags should appear when you are close-ish to the location and you should be able to get the box from lower\/higher heights.I love a lot of things about it and I can see myself playing all the levels and getting all the items.

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