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Free Download Tales Of Maj'Eyal - Embers Of Rage

Free Download Tales Of Maj'Eyal - Embers Of Rage

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One year has passed since the one the Orcs call the "Scourge from the West" came and single-handedly crushed the Orc Prides of Grushnak, Vor, Gorbat, and Rak'Shor. The Allied Kingdoms, now linked by farportal to their distant, long-lost Sunwall allies, have helped them conquer most of Var'Eyal. The few remnants of the ravaged Prides are caged... but one Pride remains. Kruk Pride, isolated on an island, is the last orcish settlement that stands; they, too, face their impending doom. The Sunwall has blockaded the only exit point from the island, and now, the technologically advanced civilization of Steam Giants have come down from the mountains to take their homeland with machines and weaponry unlike anything else on Eyal. Kruk Pride has reverse-engineered their technology before; their only hope is to do it again and rise up against the Pride's foes.

  • Explore a whole new campaign from level 1 to 50, one year after the events of the original Tales of Maj'Eyal campaign. Liberate the Orcs (or die trying) by rising up against the Sunwall, the Steam Giants of Atmos, and other dangers that may lie in wait...
  • Play as one of three new races: the battle-hardened Orcs, the brutal Yetis, and the unstoppable Whitehooves. Discover their stories, their pains, their hopes... and their awesome racial powers!
  • Risk your life in over 20 unique zones! Explore the ruins of a lost city, lay siege to the Sunwall forces at the Gates of Morning, and raid the Steam Giants' mining quarry - each has its own unique foes and hazards, leading each to feel and play different from the others.
  • Play as one of the three new tinker classes: Gunslingers, Sawbutchers, and Psyshots! Crush and rend your foes with heavy metal, electrocute and immolate them with your gadgets, charge across the battlefield or nimbly strafe in style - each plays differently, and none provide any shortage of ways to slay your foes.
  • Master steam technology to build powerful tinkers to augment your equipment. Need to close in a bit quicker? Turn your boots into rocket boots! Having a hard time deciding whether to shoot someone or stab them? Build a Hand Cannon into your gloves, or deploy a Weapon Automaton to do the stabbing for you! If you have a problem, steamtech has a solution, usually involving explosions; with over 80 different powerful contraptions to craft, enjoy unparalleled versatility and trying something different with every playthrough.
  • Master the tactical uses of over 140 talents! Fire bouncing trick-shots and psychic-infused shots, use your steamsaws as shields or wheels, terrify your foes with long mechanical arms - there are no "boring" talents here, everything has its own special applications and properties!
  • Use advanced technology in the world of Eyal! Burrow through sand, plant bombs to destroy tunnels, and discover that you aren't alone in using it...
  • Infusions and runes are for puny humans; implant new medical injectors to pump an array of experimental chemicals into your body! Injectors can use any (infinitely reusable) salve in your inventory as long as they're off their cooldown, giving you versatility you've wished you could get with a couple of inscriptions.
  • Loot over 70 new and powerful artifacts. Pump lead into foes with big guns, quick guns, and explosive guns! Shred them with saws that maim, saws that thirst for blood, and saws that aren't really saws! Violate common sense by strapping a rocket to your back and calling it a jetpack!
  • Enjoy dying in horrible and exotic ways at the hands (or claws, jaws, guns...) of over 140 new creatures! Not mere piles of stats and chain-stuns, these foes will provide unique challenges - suffer the Sunwall's newest cosmic spells, the new breeds of ritches that infest and multiply, the Steam Giants' elaborate defense systems, and find new strategies to adapt to each!
  • Earn a trunkload of achievements! Have your accomplishments recognized for liberating the Orcish people, displaying exceptional mercy or cruelty, or showing your prowess with impressive feats! Give a boss a fate worse than death, show Sunwall forces how frustrating it is to fight a Radiant Horror as a paladin, come out on top against impossible odds, display a suicidal lack of situational awareness, and wear a badge of pride or shame for each!
  • Read roughly 27,000 words of new lore to immerse yourself in the world! Learn how things have changed since the Scourge's campaign, feel hatred and/or pity for your foes, uncover grand schemes and sinister plots, and notice the elaborate connections between Var'Eyal's numerous factions. Every zone has a story behind it, and every story ties into a bigger picture; enjoy a tale of horror and humor, of intrigue and glory, of despair and hope.
  • Earn the right to use the classic (and Ashes of Urh'Rok) classes in Embers of Rage, and the new tinker classes in Maj'Eyal! Play a Brawler in the East to fulfill your life-long dream of suplexing an entire nation of giants, or play a Sawbutcher in Maj'Eyal to shred through Dreadfell in a whirlwind of sawblades and steam!

Title: Tales of Maj'Eyal - Embers of Rage
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Netcore Games
Netcore Games
Release Date: 23 Feb, 2016


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More awesomeness for an already awesome Roguelike. A complete new world to adventure in and very well priced for the hours upon hours of game content. Def. recommended game and addon(s).. Having just completed my first Embers of Rage campaign, I suppose it's time I wrote a review.

Embers of Rage is an entirely new campaign -- set a short time after the Tales of Maj'eyal campaign, and only in Var'eyal (you never travel into the west -- but the east is expanded). Entirely new enemies, zones, and bosses, but with several recognizable faces from the main campaign.

Another significant change is the removal of the Fortress -- gone is fortress energy and farportals, replaced with alchemy and smithing done directly through a skill in any place at any time. Materials are acquired from destroyed items, keeping trash pickups valuable.

In the end, my first success came with my third character, taking ten hours for that run (with over an hour spent on the final fight). Comparatively, my first win in the main campaign took dozens of tries and 19 hours for my successful run (all on normal difficulty adventure mode). The campaign is well worth the price of 7$, but you wont get nearly as much out of it as you do the primary campaign.. The best expansion so far. EoR creates a whole new game world, new races both enemy and ally, new character classes, new crafting options, a crpload of new lore. Perhaps a touch ironically this one makes the earlier levels less of a "boom you're dead before you even realised what it's all about" fest. The first 15 levels for your character will come more easilly here and early quests provide you with enough cash to pick up some really nice gear - don't gloat over your epic equipment too much though - BOOM, you're dead.. Dark God strikes again. This DLC is close to being an entirely new game and is well worth the money. New classes, new land mass, new story, etc. You would be a fool not to buy this.. The Dark Gods popped up on screen as I played ToME.

They told me to buy this.
I did.
Appease them.

Buy it.

Its worth your money.
And ensures you a place in the Dark Gods favor.

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