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Game Royale 2 - The Secret Of Jannis Island Keygen Razor1911 Download

Game Royale 2 - The Secret Of Jannis Island Keygen Razor1911 Download

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About This Game

Game Royale 2 - The Secret of Jannis Island is the highly anticipated sequel to our successful first adventure game Game Royale - Riders of the lost bald.
The game is a point-&-click adventure and a tribute to the great classics of this genre.

The second part of Game Royale continues the story right after the dramatic cliffhanger seen at the end of the first part. The player guides the main character Jan Böhmermann through a short and thrilling adventure full of puzzles and humorous dialogues. The story begins with Jan, as he wakes up on a remote island without any memories of previous events. He has to fight for survival until he is finally able to call for help. While the main storyline takes place on said island, we will also revisit the show’s venue, the famous Studio König in Köln-Ehrenfeld. In a parallel storyline, the player takes on the shape of popular sidekick William Cohn, who makes it his own personal mission to find his missing friend. Apart from these two, there will be a reunion with other popular figures of the Neo Magazin Royale world. All of them are dubbed by the real people on the show.


Title: Game Royale 2 - The Secret of Jannis Island
Genre: Adventure
btf GmbH
Headup Games
Release Date: 22 Dec, 2016


It's worth learning German for!. This is a game for fans of the german Late Night Show "neo magazin royale". It's the sequel to "Game Royale - J\u00e4ger der verlorenen Glatze" (Hunters of the lost bald head). They made a short, LucasArts inspired point and click adventure. It includes the host Jan B\u00f6hmermann as the main character and also his sidekicks. It's stuffed with inside jokes, that you may only get, when you know the show.

The game is sort of funny but could be funnier. I enjoyed playing it though. I would only recommend this to fans of the show.. Also ich habe f\u00fcr das Spiel jetzt eineinhalb Stunden gebraucht, ich bin allerdings auch an einem R\u00e4tsel ziemlich lange h\u00e4ngen geblieben, da man den Gegenstand so gut wie gar nicht erkennen konnte. Das Spiel schwankt bei mir zwischen positiv und negativ, ich kann beide Seiten verstehen. Es ist f\u00fcr 5 Euro gerade bei der heutigen Konkurrenz zu teuer. 1,99 oder 2,99 h\u00e4tte ich noch verstanden. Allerdings finde ich den Stil und die ganzen Anspielungen so gut, das ich es nicht negativ bewerten kann. Es ist also eine eingeschr\u00e4nkte Empfehlung, wer ein langes Spiel erwartet wird hier schwer entt\u00e4uscht, wer aber gerne \u00fcber Gags auf Neomagazin Niveau lachen will (also \u00fcber sehr sehr guten Pipi \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665a Humor) wird hier f\u00fcr eine gute Stunde sehr gut unterhalten. Allerdings auch kein Spiel das ich zwei mal spielen w\u00fcrde. Wie gesagt es schwankt zwischen negativ und positiv!. War sch\u00f6n :D. Best...Game...Ever. sehr nett, guter fan service, aber fuer knapp eine stunde spielzeit zu teuer. A Solid Point-n-click game, Hilarious, But Super short.

So the Game is in German only. there are no options for English subtitles. I've played a lot of imports so i am used to figuring out game menus, etc. That being said, English and German are very similar so understanding the gist of whats going on will be easy enough. Most of the jokes are puns, and some are even in english. Navigating the game is super easy to those familiar with point-n-click games (try every item on every object\/ talk to every character twice, etc) will be able to fumble through most of it with out consulting a walk-thru\/youtube playthrough.

That being said there is a FREE game (the 1st Game Royale) on the company's website (click the link at the top of the page, then scroll down to choose the platform to download it for)... This game is also in German only, so you will be able to play through to see what you are basically getting into.

Using the Google Translate app for your phone (in audio mode) will help translate the jokes, and spoken word. and there is a visual camera mode that will translate onscreen text.

As far as is the game worth $5 ? Well.... its good if you're thirsty for a point-n-click that is fresh and new, but the game is obscenely short. it only took me so long because the save feature is buggy and sometimes doesn't work (on the MAC version ), well that and i don't spreken zie dutcsh. but in actuality the game could be played through in less than 30 minutes. from start to finish there are maybe 12 puzzles to solve.

Graphics - Classic, VERY believable as a 90's style game

Sound - spoken voice through out makes the game feel complete, and adds extra humor. the music is charming and not overdone\/repetative

in closing, HEADUP GAMES please make an English subtitle option~!!!

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