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"When you die, you normally have only one simple wish - to return and tell them - "Hey, guys - it's OK! No need to feel sad! Cause you know what? It's actually 5d3b920ae0

Title: Ghostdream
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Forever Entertainment S. A.
Release Date: 24 Oct, 2016


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A classic Point and Click slow-pace puzzle game set in a beautiful surrealist world. I have to admit that the art is what first draw me to this game. The game consists of seven acts (u201cdreamsu201d) where you play as a ghost named u201creaderu201d aiming to go to u201cthe other sideu201d. Helped by your sidekick u201cwriteru201d, you advance in the game by solving puzzles. Some puzzles are kind of hard to figure out. You will need perseverance, good observation skills and to pay careful attention to the dialogues with your different encounters in order to not miss any clues. You will also have to take notes, and for some puzzles you need to brainstorm on paper and do some trials and errors to figure them out. There is just one pixel hunting puzzle that required me a solution map to be solved (in fact, even with the map showing me where to click, I still had a hard time doing it rightu2026 even with a ruleru2026 ). Dialogues and monologues are a big part of the game. Voices were purposedly muffled to give them a more ghostly effect. Filled with humor or bad jokes, the dialogues make us discover some interesting imaginary ghost world. The interface is simple (there is no inventory and you can u201cgo tou201d, u201clook atu201d, u201cinteract withu201d or u201ctalk tou201d an object by switching the cursor of your mouse) and the menu is very basic (you can only save, load and exit the game). There are some instructions in the art book about how to adjust your display settings to see the game art just right. F12 is not enabled, so you will have to use the print screen key to save any clues you find. You can use some screen capture freeware like Snapper to easily save screenshots while in-game. The art book (or u201ccommentary booku201d) was an interesting read (it can be downloaded from the u201cmanualu201d link located on the right side of the game library page). I did not know much about a developeru2019s work, so it gave me some insight about how the thinking and making process during game development works, but it could be a boring read for some. It also gave me some understandings about some aspects of the dream world in the game, and it contains some hints and solutions of the puzzles if you are stuck (but the pixel hunting puzzle solution map can be found on the forum). If you forget the awful pixel hunting puzzle, it was an interesting game to play. If you enjoy puzzles games and reading while exploring some imaginary surreal world, I would definitely recommend this game to you.. Good game for those who speak well english and have an high IQ! it's pretty much an Mensa IQ test without looking at the guide:). Decided to give this game a try due to the storyline description and art style. While I love the graphics, the dialogue took me out of the story almost immediately. The "humor" in the dialogue came off as a bit surreally juvenile to me.I didn't find it clever, nor did it add dimension to the story/characters. It just didn't feel like it fit the atmosphere or figures in the game. There were some other minor aspects that I disliked (such as the set-up of the mouse controls, and the limited options on the start menu), but the dialogue was the main annoyance for me.. This adventure has an interesting graphics style, but thatu2019s about all. Unintuitive puzzles, uninteresting music and boring dialogs made the game quite a chore to finish. I just couldnu2019t attune to it.. This is one of those "I really wanted to love this game" reviews. I tried. I tried really hard. I read the reviews and the most common complaints just made me more eager to play. I love old school, cryptic, puzzles and I didn't expect to figure out all of the puzzles on my own. Many of the old games came with some kind of printed material that might be needed in the game. One of the things I enjoyed was taking a puzzle solution I whiffed on and going back to discover what detail in the game I had missed. (Like putting detangling cream in a machine that removed T's so that I could straighten someone out ie: de-angling them .circa 1986) . Where this game lost me is that even when I replayed the Act for a puzzle I couoldn't figure out ***with the solution in front of me***, I still felt like there was a disconnect between information given and puzzle solution. That disconnect may be a designed component of the "Dream" atmosphere and gameplay, but it should disappear when the answer is known. I I still think the game is worth playing, I just can't love it like I wanted to.

Archipelago and Battle Ship updates on the Beta Branch : I'm currently working on revamping Archipelago, and will be uploading new builds of the map fairly regularly on the Beta Branch. Currently, the Beta Branch update contains: Archipelago level updates Battle Ship armed with a mortar and autocannon Improved AI that handles multiple islands much better than before Pathfinding tweaks Keep in mind that the beta branch gets updated very regularly, so some features might be buggy or break entirely! Don't expect new updates to work flawlessly! If you want to check out this work-in-progress update before its official release, you can opt into the beta branch via steam without a password. Here's how to opt into the beta branch: I will also be tweeting about the beta branch updates, so follow SteelRaven7 to keep up with the latest news.. Bomber and vehicle improvements - Early Access Build 6 : It's time to drop bombs in the new update for Ravenfield, adding this new iron bird: This update has also significantly improved the handling of ground vehicles, allowing you to more smoothly cruise around the map in your jeep or tank! Other vehicles such as planes and helicopters have also had their handling tweaked, but there's still some work to be done to really nail the feel, so let me know what you think about the changes so far! Full change log: - Added Bomb Plane - Added ability to have multiple, switchable weapons in vehicles (switch between them like you switch infantry weapons) - Added additional ground attack rocket weapon to the Attack Plane. - Complete overhaul of car based vehicles (Jeeps, Quads, Tanks) - Added third person camera to vehicles. Toggle it with C by default - Added Raven Control game mode parameter - this makes the Raven team start owning all neutral points - Slightly increased helicopter and attack plane speed - Rebalanced attack plane machine guns, they now deal slightly less damage so dogfights last longer - Added armor rating system to vehicles and weapon projectiles. This allows modders to specify what projectiles can damage what vehicles in a much better way. - Attack planes, Quads and RHIBs can now be damaged by small arms fire. - Added team indicator stripes on Planes and Helicopters - Scalpel and Hydra now has lock on sounds/animations - Plane wings come off when the plane is destroyed - Slight changes to Archipelago island airfield to acommodate the bomber - Added support for modded levels to use custom hand models - Nerfed SLAM-R slightly by reducing its projectile speed and damage. - Added third person weapon model to the player soldier 3d model so shadows look correct - Improved character animations when looking around while seated. - Added vehicle testing level to try out vehicles in a simple way - Added testing game mode that lets you spawn on any capture point. - Added fallback code to prevent game crashes related to physics. - Added a "-noworkshopmods" launch option that disables the loading of workshop mods/maps - Added a "-nocontentmods" launch option that disables the loading of weapon mods - Pressing F9 in the spectator camera mode will now take a super high res screenshot and save it in ravenfieldData/screenshot.png - A bunch of smaller bug fixes Hotfix 1: - Improved Archipelago navmeshes to prevent vehicles (especially tanks) from getting stuck near the island airport - Tweaked AI car/tank driving so to reduce some wobbly, zig-zag driving behaviour - Fixed Tank and Quad names showing up as VEHICLE in the squad order UI - Fixed Tank sliding along the ground when destrotyed Known bugs: - The Bomb Plane sometimes causes a physics-related crash. I'm still trying to figure out ways to mitigate this problem. On top of the changes to official vehicles, this update has also laid the groundwork for vehicle modding which I intend to roll out in the coming weeks. If you want to try custom vehicles out as soon as possible, make sure you keep up with the updates on the Beta branch of the game.. Coastline - Early Access Build 8 : This update is mainly about the new map - Coastline! Coastline is probably the most ambitious Ravenfield map to date, and focuses on close quarters engagement and verticality with the battle raging from sea level all the way up to the mountain ruins. This update also introduces new features such as the Configure Flags option, allowing you to customize a map's flag layout before starting the game! Full EA8 Change Log: - Added Coastline Map - Added Configure Flags option - Significant AI changes: > AI will now acquire new targets much faster, giving them a quicker reaction time and challenge > AI now has a Close Quarters mode where they automatically take cover when under fire. > Improved AI's CPU load so it's more spread out, meaning less frame drops/stutters caused by AI. > Misc AI fixes - Added ladders (Press use key to enter them) - Added water volumes, allowing maps to have lakes/etc on other heights than just the ocean water level. - Added alternate path AI hints, letting map makers hint the AI on how to spread out in a level when attacking capture points. - Added damage zones - Added speed limit zones, letting map makers hit the AI on what speed to traverse special zones in a level. - Added configurable-per-flag AI defense strategies for map makers. - Added one way level neighbors - Player only takes balance damage from getting hit by AI (still needs some tweaks, but it's better than just insta dying!) - Added cloud - Strictly no ET activities allowed Hotfix 1: - Looks like the ET activities have been contained. for now.. Patch: Bugfixes May 19 : I just updated the game with a couple of bugfixes! The following has been fixed: Added slowmotion bind in input options Respawn time option now works Cannot kick inside vehicles/turrets Cannot lean inside vehicles/turrets Mouse wheel works for weapon switch (if it's bound in input menu) HMG remaining ammo count doesn't bug out when resupplying Can hide battalions UI with Home key Added alternative flight control preset (the default control layout from beta 5) If the update isn't automatically downloaded, you can restart steam to force download the update.. Dialog Testing - Early Access Build 9 : Hey everyone, and sorry about the radio silence lately! I've been taking some time off development, but now I'm back with regular updates again! This update adds a dialog system to the game. The dialogs will be mainly used in the conquest mode (which obviously isn't available yet), but I figured I should spend some time working on this feature and get your feedback on its first iteration. This means the gameplay changes in this update are very light, but you should look forward to some of the upcoming changes that are hinted at in this update ;)! Right now there are two dialogs available in the game. The first one will automatically pop up, but the second is hidden in the game. Make sure you check out the new roadmap page for some hints to find it! The roadmap was added to give a more clear picture of what remains to be added into the game before it leaves Early Access. I want to keep adding features to the game after it leaves Early Access too, so don't get discouraged if your favorite game suggestion isn't on the roadmap, it might be added later down the line anyway! Full change log: - Added dialog system - Added roadmap menu page - Fixed some minor issues when loading modded maps/weapons - Added some weapon modding features allowing modders to create more realistic weapons with simulated chambered rounds and mag drops.

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