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About This Game

Battle monsters of the darkness with a kinetic blade! Intense combat and blade throwing action in adrenaline inducing VR! Skirmish through progressive levels of challenge and adversity to find ultimate victory or your fatal demise. Defeat the darkness! Wield the Glaive!

  • Challenging fast-action gameplay that's simple and fun
  • Seven levels of increasing difficulty plus hard mode for seven additional levels of hard mode difficulty
  • Continue options to start the action where you left off

HTC Vive and only one Vive controller required
Standing only and room-scale compatible

Title: Glaive
Genre: Action, Indie
Nest Egg Games, LLC
Nest Egg Games, LLC
Release Date: 26 Jul, 2016


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I'm really surprised this game hasn't had more feedback. Its great! Very fun. Very good workout. The physics of throwing the glaive are not easy at first. It actually takes timing and skill.

Once I finally got the hang of throwing it overhand, then underhand, it really makes a difference.

This is definitely the best under $5 VR game so far.. This game is fun. That much should be known. I can easily see someone paying a dollar to play this game at a VR arcade one time, so the price is beyond great. There are only a few things that I wish were different. For starters, you only get one weapon. In my opinion, having two vive controllers would only make sense to allow the player to have two weapons to fight off the hordes. A simple mistake that takes A LOT away from this title. The controls are a little peculiar, too. The grip button AND the trigger allow you to throw the glaive. This was only a problem to me while I was adjusting my controller grip to better attack the enemies. Making that matter worse, there are no options to adjust this. Actually, there are no settings at all. Apart from these flaws, the game is immersive, creepy and has you checking your six constantly when you hear those creatures approaching. It uses a unique lighting system also that will definitely add to your paranoia when you see something out of the corner of your eye. Steam has me at 0.9 hours of playtime at the time of this review, and I can say without embarassment that I haven't beaten all the levels yet. I highly recommend this title, and it will be one of the programs I show off to friends and fams demonstrating how cool VR is.. Playable and entartaining. Simple but sharp graphics.. nothing about this is fun, no good gore, no good sound effects. not even close to done.. Cool twist on the wave-based shooters that are currently flooding the market.
The blade mechanic works great, and the monster designs are creppy and original. + it makes you feel like a badass monster slayer.

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