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Ground Pounders - High Rez Pack Download Xp

Ground Pounders - High Rez Pack Download Xp

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About This Content

This is a free, optional high resolution texture pack for Ground Pounders. You don't need it, it just makes things even prettier - it is also a sizable collection of files, which is why it is optional.

Ground Pounders is a hex-based, turn-based strategy wargame. Inspired by classic strategy games like Panzer General, and steeped in the lore of the Sword of the Stars universe, Ground Pounders offers a new generation of gamers an updated taste of turn-based strategic warfare. Best of all, you can play it cross platform between desktop machine and mobile devices.

Ground Pounders lets players control an army from one of two factions. Each army is comprised of dozens of different unit types. You will lead your ground pounders across a variety of worlds, increase their experience levels and abilities over the course of two campaigns, and use them to unlock special action cards that can add special effects to single-player games, or to up the stakes in your cross-platform multi-player battles. 1075eedd30

Title: Ground Pounders - High Rez Pack
Genre: Indie, Strategy
Kerberos Productions Inc.
Kerberos Productions Inc.
Release Date: 12 May, 2014


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