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Heroine Anthem Zero - Original Soundtrack Activation Code

Heroine Anthem Zero - Original Soundtrack Activation Code

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About This Content

Heroine Anthem Zero Original Soundtrack includes 25 songs from the game. Three Heroine Anthem I & II classic songs are aslo featured: Syrigmophonia in the Wind, The Calm farms, Can you hear me.

The tracks included are:

01. Good Morning
02. The Lost Shepherd [Image Concept Vuzanni ver]
03. Blood Pupils in the Wind [OPENING Vuzanni ver]
04. Sunset Valley
05. The Maiden of Grassland
06. Uzato
07. Ancient Forest
08. Covenant with Luna
09. Danger in the Dark
10. Hunting of Horned Wolves
11. Mistbound
12. Border Patrol
13. Last Moon
14. Night Incert Brand
15. Lauch an Attack
16. Bloodlust
17. Heroine Anthem - Syrigmophonia in the Wind -
18. Tub Cave
19. Just Relax
20. Warm Mood
21. Comes a Calm
22. The Sarem Anthem
23. Heroine Anthem - The Calm farms -
24. Can you hear me
25. Blood Pupils in the Wind [OPENING Japanese ver] 7ad7b8b382

Title: Heroine Anthem Zero - Original Soundtrack
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
WindThunder Studio
Skywalker HK
Release Date: 23 Dec, 2016

English,Japanese,Traditional Chinese,French,German,Korean

heroine anthem zero - original soundtrack

High quality music is a cornerstone for the Heroine Anthem series, and Heroine Anthem Zero's soundtrack does not disappoint. Filled to the brim with beautiful tracks of various styles and lovely instrumentation, the OST brings the world of the game to life. Songs featuring vocals are especially notable for their superb performance and accompaniment. The Sarem Anthem has some very powerful and spirited male vocals, and Ms. Nami shines in The Lost Shepherd and both version of Blood Pupils in the Wind. Kudos to all the maestros involved in this project!

Update 2017-01-17: The OST has been updated with lossless tracks.

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