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Original Title: Elysium

Genge: Action,Drama,Sci-Fi,Thriller










































In the future Earth is over populated and so polluted that the wealthy and powerful create a new place to live. It's called Elysium and it's just within Earth's orbit. and they have all sorts of conveniences among them is a machine can heal anyone. So people on Earth who want to use it try to get there. But the Secretary of Defense Delacourt uses unsanctioned operatives like a man named Kruger to keep them off Elysium. Her latest attempt to keep people off Alysium catches the ire of the President who tells her to tone down her attitude and to stop using men like Kruger. Delacourt then approaches Carlyle, the head of Armadyne Corp, the company that built Elysium and all of what they use up there and asks him to make a program that would allow her to remove the President and put someone else in his position. He agrees to do it. On Earth, Max a man who has dreamed of going to Elysium and taking Frey, a girl he grew up with there. Max works for Armadyne and while at work Max is exposed to radiation and has days to live and needs to go to Elysium to use the machine. So he approaches Spider the man who gets people to Elysium for a price. But since Max can't pay him, he makes Max a proposition, he will get him there if Max gets some information out of the head of Armadyne's head. Max agrees and is fitted with an exo-skeleton to help him. They intercept Carlyle as he was leaving for Elysium to deliver the program to Delacout and get the information out of him. Delacourt would send Kruger to save Carlyle but is killed in the crossfire. Delacourt tells Kruger to get Max because he has the program in his head. And Kruger decides to get Max through Frey. When Spider sees the program he tells Max this could change the whole system but Max wants to help Frey first.
In 2154, the population is divided in two social classes: the wealthy people live in Elysium, a space station with all the resources; the poor people live on the exhausted Earth. In Los Angeles, the former car thief Max da Costa is on parole and works in an unhealthy factory Armadyne managed by the CEO John Carlyle. He dreams of saving money to travel to Elysium. Meanwhile the Secretary of Defense of Elysium, Delacourt, plots a coup d'etat against President Patel, with the support of Carlyle. He programs a software that can override Elysium's data system and make any change, including the president's name to Delacourt. Carlyle uploads the software to his brain to increase its protection. Max is exposed to a lethal amount of radiation in Armadyne and has only five more days of life. He seeks out the criminal Spider expecting to travel to Elysium, where he can use a medical chamber called Med-bay that is capable to heal any disease and save his life. Spider tells that if Max steals profitable information, such as bank accounts, from the brain of Carlyle that is on Earth. Max accepts the proposal without knowing the powerful knowledge in Carlyle's brain. When Delacourt learns that the information she needs to become president was stolen from Carlyle brain, she sends the notorious agent Kruger to hunt down Max and recover the software at any cost.
Being a die hard sci-fi fan and having read very positive reviews of this title I was very optimistic about the movie. Unfortunately I was extremely disappointed to the extent that I was actually waiting for it to end.

There are several flaws with the movie. First of all, there is no plot or whatsoever. Yes, there is a series of events that create a story, but by no means can this be treated as a plot. Scene to scene, event to event there is no coherence nor suspense. The movie fails dramatically at making you care about the story. Also, there are terrible plot holes - most of most important events in the movie don't make sense at all or are totally implausible.

There are also things in the movie which are simply really stupid. don't get me wrong - I love sci-fi and I'm perfectly fine with lasers, teleportation and/or time travel. However seeing an orbital station with no roof and "atmosphere" which is, say, 50m thick, with no shield or so I just get annoyed for being treated like an idiot by director.

Secondly there are terrible "romantic" and "emotional" scenes which, honestly, were so bad and pretentious that it hurt. Bad acting, shallow and stiff dialogs made every attempt of director to make you emotional unsuccessful if not annoying.

Thirdly the acting is poor. Matt Damon is emotionless and resembles one of the droids he's fighting, Jodie Foster's character is extremely campy (so is Krueger) and cliché. What's more - the characters are not well constructed, remaining one dimensional and shallow making it virtually impossible to care for what's happening with them.

This altogether makes the movie really boring. I was impatiently waiting for the plot to finally become complicated and the master plan revealed. When I realised that this is not going to happen I should have left the cinema.

There is one good side of the movie - the visual effects. Unfortunately it's not enough to save that movie.

This was one of the biggest time wasters I've lately watched - definitely the movie is hugely overrated summer blockbuster.Don't watch, unless You really, really have nothing better to do with your time. I didn't have big expectations from this movie when I went to see it. First of all I don't understand so much hype about movie directors last movie District 9. In my opinion, it was a simple and illogical action movie. But this is now, we have new movie with plot holes. The plot for this movie is simple enough and reminds of a cyberpunk movie „Johhny Mnemonic" with Keanu Reaves. We have some classical dystopian setting which could have been explained better. Basically, Earth is overpopulated and it appears that national governments have failed, but we don't know how or why. All the rich people live on a clean space station/habitat called Elysium orbiting Earth and of course sometimes the poor try to reach this promised country with some illegal shuttles, which reminds of the boat-people who try to reach today's Europe from Africa or USA from Cuba. These shuttles are being routinely shot down from Earth by Elysium assassins. The protagonist of the movie is Matt Damon (as Max de Costa) who is lucky to have a job in a economically struggling robot factory in L.A. These robots are very sophisticated and put to use as police and soldiers and it is not clear why is necessary to have human workers assemble these robots. The owner of the factory complains about dropping productivity and he never tried full production-automatisation. But that is just the beginning. Matts character gets irradiated in the factory (it is never explained why the robots he assembles need a radiation treatment) and he will die in 5 days unless he is treated in some medical bay on Elysium which can cure every disease. As an act of a desperate man he agrees to kidnap factory owner (who is a citizen of Elysium)and steal access codes for his accounts and everything else from his cerebral implants. For this he is equipped with some cyber-exoskeleton and then the movie forgets that he is irradiated and that anybody who touches him will get some radiation from him. The heist goes awry and he is hunted by some south-African mercenaries who work as agents/hit squad for Elysium (it is never explained how is this possible in L.A. – USA). Max does not know that the information he downloaded in the heist which he keeps in his head is an access code for the entire Elysium. Then there is Jodie Fosters character who wants this code for herself so she can rule on the space station. We then have Max's childhood friend Frey and her ill daughter who are accidentally in the middle of the struggle. There was a possibility for some love story strand of the plot but it was probably dropped and instead we have some shooting and killing and shaky camera movement, typical for a modern action movie. And there are some other plot holes. For example, we see in the movie that Elysium is capable to create no-fly zones wherever they want, if so why they allow those illegal shuttles to reach them? Later in the movie we see that some shuttles can come through the defenses of the station without problems. At the beginning of the movie we see a mercenary use a shoulder launched missile on Earth to shoot down a shuttle in space which is thousands of Kilometers away which is very unrealistic, modern technology or not. At some point Jodie Fosters character is wounded and she didn't want Frey who is a doctor to help her, who knows why. Anyway we have some predictable ending of the movie and the humanity lived happily ever after. Redeeming point of the movie is that it never gets really boring. And it is not too long.
At last, a good big film. The legacy of the summer, thus far, has been jetsam: moribund movies that lie there, bloated and beached, gasping to break even. But here is something angry and alive: Elysium.
Former car thief Max da Costa (Matt Damon), now a parolee working for the Armadyne weapons factory in 2154 Los Angeles and recently exposed to a lethal dose of radiation bound to kill him in five days, agrees to steal "organic information" (e.g., bank codes and passwords) from the brain of Armadyne CEO John Carlyle (William Fichtner) in exchange for passage to Elysium, a man-made space station inhabited by Earth's elite, in hopes of gaining access to a Med-bay, a medical chamber capable of healing him. However, what begins as a desperate effort to save his life leads to something far greater. Elysium is based on a screenplay written by South African-Canadian filmmaker Neill Blomkamp. While Frey (Alice Braga) carries Matilda (Emma Tremblay) to the surface to find a Med-bay, Max and Spider (Wagner Moura) stay behind to locate the Elysium's computer core. In an attempt to stop them, Tucker (Sharlto Copley) pursues, but Max manages to kill him by hurling him over a ledge, still holding on to a grenade, which explodes as he falls. Spider breaks into the computer core and changes the computer program to read Earth's population as being "legal". As Spider prepares to download the "organic info" from Max's brain, he is warned that the download will be "lethal" to Max. Already knowing that, Max still agrees to the download. After contacting Frey for a final goodbye, Max pushes the button that starts the download and reboots the computer, killing himself in the process. President Patel (Faran Tahir) arrives with security robots, but they refuse to arrest Spider, who is now recognized as a citizen of Elysium. Meanwhile, Frey has found a Med-bay and uses it to heal Matilda, reversing her final stage lymphocytic leukemia in seconds. In the final scene, shuttles containing dozens of Med-bays arrive on Earth from Elysium to begin the process of healing the sick, causing Frey to look up and smile. Elysium spins, like a wheel, and the resulting centrifugal force creates artificial gravity on its inner edge. This keeps both its inhabitants and the atmosphere [not really, see entry above!] effectively pinned down to the surface. It's an old concept for a practical way to achieve artificial gravity in space.
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