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About This Game

Here we are, another nerve-racking baseball season is just around the corner and the Solitaire Strikers are ready to claim the victory. Are you good enough to join the team and bring the Strikers to the top of the league? Impress your coach and solve 20 levels of non-stop solitaire fun. Aim for the home run and finish this season as MVP!

  • A store packed with Baseball items
  • 20 levels to play
  • Mini-games
  • 180 innings to complete
  • Relaxing music
  • Full Voice Over

Title: Home Run Solitaire
Genre: Casual, Indie
The Revills Games
The Revills Games
Release Date: 18 Oct, 2017


Very nice solitaire game.. Being a Connoisseur of Solitaire games. I am qualified to tell you that Home Run Solitaire is a very good solitaire game. Although, I consider it short (beat it under 12 hours), it does make up for it with solid gameplay, mini games, and a decent storyline. Very good casual solitaire game that should be in every gamer's library. I highly recommend it. 11\/10.. Chill solitaire game. Very casual. Lots of special abilities to unlock that gives you different ways to play the game, and you are limited to four abilities at once. This means you can cater to your style of gaming. Nothing to brag about for graphics or sound, but the game is solid. Definitely recommended if you like casual card games.. 7\/10

Home Run Solitaire is a solid solitaire experience. As you complete levels and earn money, you can use it to buy both passive and active upgrades to help you in subsequent levels. The game is a good length, and unlike the Revills other game Chef Solitaire, you begin unlocking your final upgrades towards the end of the experience rather than about halfway through. Although there are more than four active abilities to unlock, you can take only four into a level with you. This is neat, and allows you to create a "build" that you prefer - however, I felt that there were clear winners when it came to these abilities. There were two abilities that dropped in a card that you could immediately use, one that dropped in a wild card, and of course the lightning bat, that removes all of the top cards in each stack on the board.

The "humor" in the game is typically puns on the names of the opposing teams by one of the announcers, Frank. I suppose it was amusing enough, although rather groan-worthy. Additionally, there were times when I wondered if developer Revills Games had ever played baseball, after listening to some of the things that were highlighted by the announcers.

If you like this sort of solitaire game, you really can't go wrong here. Just like in Chef Solitaire, the Revills have little mini-games that pop up from time to time as you play. I thought these were generally OK, although your mileage may vary. One very small gripe I had was that there were achievements for activating certain inferior abilities 40 times. I tend to like picking up the achievements as I go, but in my opinion, the abilities I was asked to activate were inferior to others that I had available. For instance, the soda can always drops an Ace when activated, but when compared to abilities that drop cards that can always be used, or a wild card? It pales in comparison. I felt the same way about the foam finger, which shuffles all of the cards on the board - there were times that I would use it and still not have a play. Therefore, if you want to snag all the achievements, you might have to self-handicap for a little while.. First let me say, that finding out the Revills games were made by a husband\/wife team was so touching to me! You guys keep up the good work!

I am recommending this game, although, I'm not going to lie, I'm not enjoying this one as much as Chef Solitaire: USA. I LOVED that game, and have been trying to find a solitaire game that replicated that experience ever since. I thought this one might be it, but while it has many of the same elements, it's not the same.

There are more things to do, as in the mini games, remove the obstacles, etc. But I'm finding this one much more grindy as far as the card gameplay. It could just be me, but I seem to be failing rounds multiple times. With the way the perks are set up, I have to buy certain ones in order to fulfill the achievement requirements. Money seems to be earned rather easily, but still I miss the way things were in Chef Solitaire.

I haven't had this failing rounds issue with Chef Solitaire, or the others I've tried since. In a way it seems there is too much going on, and to keep track of. But it is a fun game, that I'd recommend for solitaire lovers.

I don't want to discourage the Revills at all, or cause anyone not to try the game. I think just for me, it is not as enjoyable. Plus I'm not a baseball fan. Again, my problem :o)

Final word, if you love solitaire, I'd give it a try. There are interesting things to do besides just play cards. But it is possible that the card layouts might be a bit more difficult to master than other solitaires you may have tried..

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I love solitaire, especially chef solitiare<\/b> by the same developer, don't mind that they're pretty much the same thing with a different coat of paint even if it's something I don't care about, like baseball, but it's really annoying that none of their games (and there are a bunch on steam) have proper audio settings.

there are separate sliders for music and sound, which is great, but voiceovers still play even if you turn all audio down, though in this game finally in-game voiceovers shut up when you turn down sound but the intro still starts playing with voiceovers every single time. editing the appropriate value in the config file still does nothing, just like in the other games, and it's been going on for years, ever since their first title. so yeah, good games, this one too, but come on, fix the audio already.... I haven't finished the game so this review will be edited at some time in the future.

So far it's a good solitaire game. It's the Three Towers type of solitaire, like in Faerie Solitaire. Click on a card that is a number one higher or lower than the card on the draw pile. Keep going until all of the turned down cards have been uncovered.

There's a bit of story as you play a rookie just joining the team. There is full voice dialogue. You can choose a male or female character and five ages from youth to granny! There are also baseball themed cursors, and card backs.

Mini-Games! Occasionally there are mini games with a timer and if you finish in time you get bonus money. Some of the mini-games are Memory, and Mixed up Puzzle.

Gameplay is solid. They give you enough cards to usually clear everything. There are 3 difficulty levels and I'm playing the middle "normal" difficulty. As you earn money you can buy items in the store that will help, like more cards added to the deck, another undo, more cards uncovered at beginning of level, etc. You gotta decide for yourself what you want to buy or if you want to save up for something more expensive.

If you like baseball and like solitaire, this game is a good buy.

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