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Jack And Sara: Educational Game Key Serial

Jack And Sara: Educational Game Key Serial

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About This Game

"Jack and Sara" – There are a lot of interesting, colorful and fun games for children up to 5 years of age who so actively learn about the world.
In an unobtrusive way, Jack and Sara will teach your child fun games for the development of logic, attention, memory and color perception. Developers took care about the beautiful music and the voice acting.

"Jack and Sara" offers the following mini-games:
1. Vegetables. Help Sara to collect vegetables and arrange them by colour.
2. Toys. Collect all the toys in the yard together with Jack.
3. Pets. Help Sara to find pets in the yard.
4. Butterflies. Help Jack to search for butterflies of the same color.
5. Sweets. Put sweets in the basket together with Sara.
6. Car designer. Build a car together with Jack.
7. A bouquet of flowers. Help Sara to collect the flowers that she needs.
8. Fish in an aquarium. Help Jack to count fish in the aquarium.
9. Castle designer locks. Build a house together with Sara.
10.Bedroom. Help Jack and Sara to find pictures and fall asleep.

★ Bright and atmospheric graphics,
★ Calm and beautiful music,
★ Recorded voice,
★ Teaching a child the color associations, logic, memory development.

Play wonderful mini-games with "Jack and Sara"! 1075eedd30

Title: Jack and Sara: Educational game
Genre: Adventure, Casual
Reew Games
Reew Games
Release Date: 2 May, 2018


Fun game for toddlers and pre schoolers. Super short for those kids with short attention spans. Pretty graphics. 10\/10.. I know I'm not the target audience for this game, but it took 10 minutes to play through and it didn't seem educational if I were, which I was once at least.

The main gripe is that while it does tell you when the answer is wrong, there isn't any penalty for being wrong, you can just click on all the possibilities until you get the right one (with the exception of the 'match the pairs' mini-game which does reset). You also get told "You completed the task perfectly" and unlock an

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