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Madamigella Di Maupin Movie In Italian Free Download

Madamigella Di Maupin Movie In Italian Free Download ->>->>->> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Original Title: Madamigella Di Maupin

Genge: Action,Adventure,Romance,War
































Mlle de Maupin escapes from her uncle's castle, invaded by Hungarian troops, under the guise of a clergyman named Theodore. An army recruiter forces Theodore to enlist in the King's army, and not even the religious robe is an insurance against it. Theodore is assigned to be aide-de-camp to Alcibiade, a man as virile in combat, as he seems troubled for the figure of his aid... D'Albert, an aristocrat, will expose Theodore's true sex, and after a number of confusing, comedy situations, Alcibiade will appease his troubled feelings.
Not that "Madamigella di Maupin" from 1966 as directed by Mauro Bolognini is a true gender-bending film in the traditional sense, but once again Bolognini seems convinced that love can be forced to come to its senses when women conceal themselves dressed as men. He does this in one tangent of "The Venetian Woman" twenty years after "Madamigella di Maupin." "Madamigella" is a much more satisfying film and the film is all but buried because it remains unclear what it was released as in the U.S.A. and there is little mention of it in directories as known. Catherine Spaak shows she is so much more of an actress than what she is known as by the American consumer today as many people still have not seen her brilliant performance in 1964's "The Empty Canvas" when she was just 17 years old. Robert Hossein has never been better as the somewhat bewildered Captain that she falls in love with while masquera

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