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Order Of Battle: Kriegsmarine Download No Crack

Order Of Battle: Kriegsmarine Download No Crack

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About This Content

In Kriegsmarine we for the first time focus exclusively on the many engagements of the German Navy, as well as alternative “What-if” scenarios involving battles in the North Atlantic.

Since our Pacific Campaign, this is the first that focuses exclusively on naval warfare, and in Europe nonetheless! Your focus is entirely on a German Naval core force. The campaign begins during 1940 where your main goal is to support the Wehrmacht by using your ships to assist them during various operations. Then we move to battles in the Atlantic and the Baltic, and it features several “what-if” situations as well: perhaps you can save the Bismarck, or even employ the Graf Zeppelin carrier!

The icy North Atlantic is unforgiving, and only the finest admirals can see the battle to the end. Will you sail back to the Reich with cheering crowds awaiting your arrival at the docks? Or will your ships become underwater tombs for your men?

Kriegsmarine features 9 different scenarios and many new units featuring naval and air warfare, including several naval bombers and flying boats!


  • 9 new scenarios, featuring unique and varied situations, from amphibious assaults, surface and submarine convoy raiding and large scale naval battles in the Baltic, the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean
  • What-if situations: execute plan Z, build powerful next-generation battleships and carriers and challenge the Allied naval supremacy
  • New mechanics to better represent naval warfare: hit avoidance, fire efficiency, new submarine rules, primary & secondary guns
  • 50+ new units
  • A brand new unit type: seaplane tenders, which can carry and resupply seaplanes


• Danzig Bay
• Narvik
• Wolfpacks
• Surface Raiders
• Western Approaches
• Torch
• Arctic Convoys
• Scapa Flow
• Atlantic Diversion 6d5b4406ea

Title: Order of Battle: Kriegsmarine
Genre: Simulation, Strategy
The Artistocrats
Release Date: 20 Apr, 2017


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Excellent game, well woth the dosh. I have all the other dlc's and they are great. They all function as intended. This one however seems to have a massive amount of bugs that gives the game no purpose. Sorry I cannot recommend at this time.. I love this game and own all its DLC, every other bit of which is great.

I regret purchasing this dull and worthless content. If you like tedious althistory with Nazi boats using none of the interesting and innovative mechanics that made this series great, you'll love this garbage pile.. Just as addictive as the base game. Simple yet challenging, this is a must have for fans of WW2 naval combat. I found some of the scenarios to be a bit easy well some were well balanced, so consider increasing the difficulty on some. Well worth the price.. Are you kidding me Matrix?


The Renown and a DD just sank the Bismark?

My German CL just took out the Hood?

My German ships are hugging the coast of Greenland, The Bismark and Scharnhorst attempting to break out in to the North Atlantic!
Exciting Right?
NOT...The Norfolk and Sheffield are half way between Iceland and my BB & BC, they fire at that distance and damage the Bismark???

They could not even get close to those two ships without being sunk??? The Bismarck could stand off and sink both of them without a scratch?

Really Matrix? OUCH!

As it stands right now I could NOT recomend this game...

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