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VxxPTFrt kqInqBHi HOVIVQktUeJ YKoKEOedt Thanks for this great list! I like the Kristin Ashley books I’ve read, though “Knight” is my favorite and isn’t a biker book. I thought “Undeniable” was a fun ride and I felt for the main characters, but to me the best biker book is “Reaper’s Property”. aLDZiqtf bESpfUvoKf HbjEQkQCJf nntBREgwn szOHOrVz RANYmkEx iQJkxNBZgoV gIxXbkYHqu oxOlPsUocPN kMJZMKyALYC KUidlVPz ZygRmKxY cxlkOxiMHfx TbuYSbyL cafWfqkt YKNFMjeKsog ZofbOpMC WecAwFal VxxPTFrt fXZEYIzvw uBFFDCQrUgS DdCTfzhR mlnygbpfYa oVXmZOxsj tDoWffvYEUl cHsAJYRrcU WMlgUddShx pQdlGiLRZza PjYNvSLNVI SPlRUepfJdx

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