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As the fire departments newest firefighting recruit, it's up to you to save Paperville in this all-new FPS.

Built exclusively for VR fight fires, shoot water pistols 5d3b920ae0

Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation
Release Date: 19 Sep, 2018


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TLDR; This is already is a pretty good game with a LOT of potential, that needs a bit more content, but worth it in its current form. Game has around 2-3hrs of story levels, Each being different on its "mechanics", i was expecting at least 2 or 3 levels like the demo/1st level (run around in a building saving people and putting out fires) but only the 1st one was like that, after that each level works different, as in you need to do different things, this kinda screwed with me because some levels you walk until you reach an "action" point where you cant move, and enemies start coming in waves and you had to take cover within your designated play area. but then other levels once the "presentation" was over you could teleport and move way more freely around the VR playspace. The last level is the best by far imo, the most "campaing like", when it was over i STILL WANTED MORE! that obviously is a good sign, but it also means it felt unfinished, sure the last mission does feel like a final mission. but id absolutely would have loved to have at least a couple more "pure" firefighter levels, instead of almost immediately going from fighting fire, to to fighting the evil cronies of a mad man in a conspiracy that goes to the highest place in the goverment. The guns feel like 1 use and be done with, way underused. Different types of guns i recall: auto turret that has to be aimed and reloaded, double barrel balloon shotgun, pump action pistol, automatic reload pistol, the axe and the semiautomatic pistol and granades. so, a decent ammount of guns, that basically you once on 1 level and never see it again. There are a few different enemies, like the ones that rush towards you, the ones that shoot missiles from afar, and the ones that shoot at you, and of course the level bosses. If "weapon selection" was a thing, it would be obvious to make each weapon extra effective against a different kind of enemy. and having the player change them on the fly depending on what wave the game is throwing at you, obviously not forcing the player to change, but adding extra damage because affinity or something. (i dont get why getting the paper enemies wet with the gun wouldnt work at least a bit, why it HAD to be with a granade or viceversa) A couple more indicators would be welcomed, like with the final boss i wish it had an indicator that my bullets where not doing anything as i spent like 10 minutes avoiding him and shooting him without it doing anything until realizing the "slap attack" was meant to be kind of a queue for me to slap him. with the axe :/ so it would trigger his move where i could actually damage him. Dialogue is pretty funny (Subtitles should be added!) and i liked all the voices, the 4th wall breaking was great! I feel the settings had very little to choose from, and of course, there is only Teleport movement, which is a bummer, but being the kind of game it is, its fine imo. (but having more movement options would be better) I dont know the "roadmap" for this game, it feels unfinished, BUT it already has a respectable amount of content and it truly shows potential! I bought it on a 60% off sale, and i feel it was more than an adaquate price! 3hrs of gameplay, good graphics, good performance, nice audio (voices music and sounds), funny dialogue and a LOT of potential. Recommended.. Well, The style is fun, the gameplay is. also quite fun. The dry humor guiding you through the mission is good aswell. sometimes a bit cheesy.. is a lot of fun, but there are a lot of bugs still like how it didn't save.. Fun little game from what I've tried so far.. Great game. The style is awesome, and all the characters walking around really makes the town seem alive. The levels are aren't too challenging, and the game ran under 3 hours, but lots of fun and some replayability. Definitely recommend. One suggestion i have would to have a language filter in the settings. The game has great humor that i didn't feel was bad, but there were a few places where the language gets a bit rough and not appropriate for kids. However most of the game seemed perfect for all ages. One wish would be to see mods for this game. With the town and characters, there is so much potential for more levels and mini games.. I enjoyed the game I have a few gripes about the controls but other than that I have no other complaints was certainly worth the full price to me.

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