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Point Perfect Download 100mb Pc

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About This Game

The planet is being attacked and it will take a bodaciously bad-ass cursor pilot to blast the scum to whence it came! Dodge, dip, duck, click and point your way to glory in the most gnarly retro-arcade death trap that you are likely to ever play! Point Perfect will put that "I'm a real PC gamer" attitude to the ultimate test and might make you cry a little in the process. But fear not young pilot, because with great challenge comes even greater glory and nerdy bragging rights! For a select few it will even mean graduating from the prestigious Point Perfect University of Aeronautics. Which of course includes a printable diploma that you can hang on your wall to make Mom proud!


  • Procedurally generated levels means no game is quite the same!
  • Over 20 bosses that can evolve new attacks and patterns for you to adapt.
  • 24 trophies to unlock as well as a secret game mode.
  • Get trolled! Point Perfect will test you to the limit and make fun of you if you fail!
  • Steam achievements
  • Trading cards

Title: Point Perfect
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Highcastle Studios
Plug In Digital
Release Date: 17 Jul, 2014


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I dare you to mark diagonally ^^. Point Perfect seems like a unique concept at first, and it is.
Thing is though, this seems like a game thats worth maybe one dollar. Not five.
Only buy this on sale.
6\/10. Pretty good and challenging arcade-like game, It will most likely be frustrating at the start with all the "trolling" and difficult bosses.
Overall, I believe it is a really cool game that doesn't rely, mostly, on dirty tricks to make you fail, just your own lack of skill.. It's hard to think of something creative or insightful to say about this game. There aren't really any hidden depths; it's a game where you click and drag to kill things while avoiding actual contact with them. What you see is what you get. Even for $5, it just doesn't seem as interesting as other free games I've played. In just 20 minutes, I feel like I've already seen all the game has to offer. Some interesting achievements might have gone a little further in expanding the concept, or maybe some more powerups and upgrades.

As it stands, it's just a little arcade game. Perhaps a good mindless game to unwind and abnegate with, but not great for extended play sessions. The frustrating difficulty (not to mention the game taunting you if you play poorly enough) and lack of depth make it get old fast.. A would be, cool game executed poorly. The game gives you no instruction and is Hard from the beginning. You have to keep losing untill you pick up the mechanics. It feels more like work than fun and the game actually insults you while you play. If you get mad at videogames I would stay VERY FAR from this one.. Turd sandwich.. Point perfect is a really<\/b> good, slightly rage inducing 8-bit game (a fantastic soundtrack by the way) with good mechanics, and great gameplay. However it is not quite a complete game yet, with a lot more options needed in the options section and only a few playable characters. However it is still a new game, and with the great reception this game has recieved I am sure it will further motivate the developers to make this game better. I am still new to this game, but my final verdect has to be 9\/10.. If you are in to really simple games that make no sense and make you feel old as\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 then this is for you ;D.

* No Objective
* Not Fun (My opinion)
* Only played for 16 mins and have no clue what the game is or suppose to be
* Very confusing on what to do (No tutorial or info\/plot)

Overall this game makes no sense and I personally don't enjoy spending my time on these types of games. If you are a FPS, MMO, MOBA, or RPG player, than do not venture into these games. I tried something new and now I want a refund. Small, repetitive, and not all that fun to be honest. Worth maybe $1.00 at most, but not $5.00.. Nevermind wrong game i reccomend it

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