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Project Shield Download Complete Edition

Project Shield Download Complete Edition

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About This Game

Welcome to Project Shield

Project Shield is a simulator that allows you to step right into the shoes of a person who is in danger. Who wouldn't want to do that? In Project Shield you will be able to test your endurance to see how long you can survive. Currently the only simulation in the alpha is the abandoned classroom. In that simulation you will do everything you can to stay alive as long as you can. Given just a book to protect yourself you are under constant fire being shot at from 4 places by pencil sharpeners that were rigged to shoot sharp deadly pencils at you. Do you have what it takes to beat your friends in this simulation that will test not only your endurance but your reaction time and ninja skills?

Game Features

-Local Multi-Player: With a bowling group name type system. With one headset up to 5 people can take turns playing and comparing scores.

-Global Leaderboards: Go toe-to-toe with everyone around the world. The leader of your group will be put into the global leaderboards.
-Motion Controls: Your hands are your greatest weapon... or maybe your greatest defense. Use the Vive motion controllers to protect yourself and also to catch incoming "good" projectiles.
-Alpha Test/Early Access: With room to improve Project Shield is in it's infancy and with enough community support this game could be outstanding.

...more to come. a09c17d780

Title: Project Shield
Genre: Action, Casual, Early Access
Cool Beans Studios LLC
Cool Beans Studios LLC
Release Date: 27 Jan, 2017


What a FUN and EASY but a deadly game! Actually, not that easy but definately a FUN game for sure! Easy and simple mechanics, wish I had thought of it :-) I would recommend this game and price is right for a simple application. My only request would be more lighting in the room and not having to retype player's name for every retry. Overall its a great game!!! Good job Devs!
. All in all - you'll get your dollars worth of entertainment out of this game easily. Sure the interface and controls are a little wonky. Does it make sense that the GO button doesn't work until you hit "enter" on the keyboard, probably not. VR is still really new and trying to convey what you want people to do is all new. This is still Early Access, so there is still time for small changes like this. It's a cool concept with a lot of potental though, really curious to see how this evolves and what other things will come flying at me.

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