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Queen's Quest: Tower Of Darkness Full Version Free

Queen's Quest: Tower Of Darkness Full Version Free

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About This Game

Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness is an exciting adventure game inspired by one of the Grimms' Fairy Tales, taking place in a faraway realm full of magic, wonders and otherw 5d3b920ae0

Title: Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness
Genre: Adventure, Casual
Brave Giant LTD
Artifex Mundi
Release Date: 10 Sep, 2015


  • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Processor: 1.5 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM

English,French,Italian,German,Japanese,Korean,Polish,Russian,Simplified Chinese

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Unfortunately, this one is the crappiest game in the whole bunch. Story is almost non-existent and where it is, makes absolutely no nonsense. Object use is completely arbitrary and makes absolutely no sense. Mechanical puzzles are also in the most part out of place, guess the sequence have no hints, and placement for all of them makes absolutely no sense. HOP (as well as as most of the game itself) are just a bunch of photoshopped together stuff with no rhyme or reason, nor style or flavor matching the story/setting at all. They also trigger absolutely randomely. In other words -- you've guessed it -- make absolutely no sense. E.g., there's a place where you need to assemble a pickaxe. In the SAME room you have a HOP where one object is, guess what? A pickaxe. No, you don't get to keep it. You have to jump through hops (pun intended) to assemble another. So, to sum it up. This particular game makes absolutely no sense. Not worth even $0.01.. I've played all the Artifex Mundi games released on Steam and this is one of their weakest. Besides the usual quality graphics, and a solid selection of puzzles, there's not much going for this game. The "plot" in this game is atrocious; it's so derivative and nonsensical. The "complications" in the story aren't thought out very well and the whole story seems like an afterthought. Artifex Mundi usually produces titles with a better story than this. If you're into Hidden Objects games JUST for the puzzles and hidden objects, then by all means, try this out. But if you care even a little bit about the plot or characters, you might want to skip this one and try one of their other titles.. Normally Artifex makes great stuff, but I recommend you skip this one. I couldn't even play an hour. The voice acting is bad, the dragon looks horrible, the backgrounds are poorly photoshopped from real castles. Yeah, don't bother . Sorry, guys.. yet another poor excuse for a developer that cant program a proper windowed mode, thank god i keep getting these trash developed games free off bundles, cause this developer will NEVER see a dime from me after this. One of the easier Artifex Mundi games, but it looks pretty, has voice acting and is still a fun game to boot. Some of the items you had to look for in the scenes were a bit archaic, but most were easy to find. The puzzles/minigames had a nice variety to them, though none were terribly difficult, and the story was passable. It was fun for a play through like every one of this companies games have been. It's also easy to pick up and play for a half hour and then leave or just let run in the background, which is why my playtime is a bit higher than others. All in all, definitely worth playing through if you're a fan of the other Artifex Mundi games.

Answer the call of demon hunters! : Having defeated the Beast from another dimension, Dawn Harlock had hoped to spend the rest of her life in peace. However, circumstances have placed the life of a child at stake and brought her out of retirement to once again solve supernatural riddles and hunt hellish demons. Can the world's foremost paranormal detective muster the courage to follow the dark path and face off against an enemy from beyond? Can she face the evil out of this world again and survive? With you as her guide, she stands a chance. The game launches with a 40% discount for a limited time.. The past and present of Irony Curtain + Steam contest! : Dear Comrades! We'd like to show you the past and present of our upcoming point and click game Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love ! Below you'll have the opportunity to witness how much has changed and how far we have come from the original idea that we presented at Polish festivals a while ago. What you see before you is the prototype of Irony Curtain , which back then was called simply 'Matryoshka'. It was always our dream to make a game based on our own experiences, but also tackling the topic with humor and rowdy resistance. And since we love classic point and clicks, there wasn't much of an option but to make one! The pictures you see is from one of the locations which remained almost the same through the evolution of the game - the 'Leader's Heart' hotel lobby, from the beginning of the game.. SOLVE THE MYSTERIOUS CASE IN THE CITY OF CRIME! : Follow the game or add it to your wishlist to stay updated!. ENTER THE ANCIENT LABYRINTH! : Playing as Pamela Cavendish, you will embark on the greatest adventure of your life into the fascinating world of antiquity. Together with her colleague and fellow scholar Dr. Robert McNamara, our protagonist will follow the trail of a mysterious organization whose members believe in the actual existence of the mythical Minotaur and are in fact preparing to bring back the beast after more than 2,000 years. Pamela has to find out what really happened during the epic encounter between the demigod Theseus and the beast Minotaur eons ago. She needs to learn the truth about the descendant of Ariadne, the only human capable of thwarting the cults plans and stopping the beast of the labyrinth once and for all. Will she manage to defeat the malevolent cult and stop the legendary horror from returning to our world? Endless Fables will be available at 40% discount for a limited time after the release.. THE MAGICAL ADVENTURE BECKONS! : A promising alchemy student, Eliana, is sent on a mission to retrieve a powerful artifact. During her quest, she will fight mortal dangers and face tragedies from the past. Can she prove herself worthy of becoming a true alchemist? Found on the doorstep of the prestigious Zora Academy of Alchemy, she became a very promising young student by the age of 16. In order to complete her training, she is being sent on a dangerous mission to retrieve a powerful artifact. During this quest, she will meet many kinds of danger, solve a variety of riddles, explore a vast kingdom, and relive the tragic history of her childhood. Follow Eliana on her mission to save her hometown and help her to save the people she loves. Tackle the evil forces behind a deadly betrayal and prove yourself to be a true alchemist in Queen's Quest 3: The End of Dawn.. Help the charity with Irony Curtain & My Brother Rabbit! : There are very few things as great as the Matryoshkan Nation - but The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity - WOP - is definitely one of them. It's a Polish charity dedicated to improving medical care for the youngest and oldest patients - if you'd like you can read more about them at the English WOP website [en.wosp.org.pl] . Long story short - for 27 years now they have been running a fundraiser in order to help provide equipment to hospitals, improve neonatological and senior patient care and even provide CPR lessons in schools. In that time the organization has raised 825 million PLN - that is roughly 198 million EUR! This year we have decided to join this grand cause by submitting two auctions featuring unique and interesting items, which you will not find anywhere else. You can bid on two auctions - one is My Brother Rabbit themed, the other is all about Irony Curtain: 1. IRONY CURTAIN AUCTION [charytatywni.allegro.pl] You get: a guided communism-themed tour in Krakow, Poland in the company of the developers of Irony Curtain the Irony Curtain game (when it's out) all and every Irony Curtain gadget ever produced and ever to be produced a deerstalker-type hat called ushanka with an Irony Curtain Pin Matryoshkan flag, 90cmx120cm two Irony Curtain matryoshka cups as a bonus - eternal glory and the approval of the Supreme Leader of Matryoshka! 2. MY BROTHER RABBIT AUCTION [charytatywni.allegro.pl] You get: the My Brother Rabbit game a plushie, artbook with a dedication from the whole team a studio visit and an opportunity to attend a creative workshop with MBR lead artist ukasz Saata all Artifex Mundi games for Steam a limited, box edition of the game All auctions run till Jan 21st, 12:15:10! Join in today and become a proud supporter of WOP! There are many awesome rewards to gain, but the biggest one is supporting a good cause!

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