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Remember, Remember Patch

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Kris, Rosa, Peter, Xavier, and Lisa are friends for life. They went through high school together and all managed to wind up in the same community college. Their lives were 5d3b920ae0

Title: Remember, Remember
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Strategy
Michaela Laws, Ethan Nakashima
Michaela Laws
Release Date: 11 May, 2017


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I like the characters, it's interesting, well drawn and the story is surprisingly emotional. The voiceacting is nice and I really like the CG's I've managed to get. I reccomend it and there is reason to do multiple playthroughs for CGs and see every aspect of the story through the relationships with the four friends. There is only one problem and honestly, it's more a personal one - I can't beat it. I just can't beat the final maze. Obviously others have been able to, maybe I'm just really bad at the mazes. I love the creator, I've played Michaela's games and they've brought me hours of entertainment, so I'm very happy to support her. but I can't finish this game. Maybe a "if you're horrible at mazes" option will be added in the future that gives you more time or something. If it is, I'll happily play through all of the routes.. I love this game, it's just fantastic! Like, the "mental game" this game does with the player is amazing. One of the best games I've played in my life.. Remember Remember (the fifth of November?) is a VN based around a SAW like murdergame premise: there's five people in a bunker, captured by a mastermind who puts them through a high stress 'game'. I was drawn to this as a somewhat-fan of 999, I liked the concept of that game and its mechanics, but felt its story was pretty over the top and nonsensical, so an indie take on a similar idea was interesting to me. My big up front warning with this game: if the concept of having to play a minigame in your VN is a red flag to you, stay away from this title. 'Mask', your captor, has the protagonist play variants of a maze minigame repeatedly to try and get through the plot and discover the truth about the group's past. It's a pretty tough little game too: I took a fair few tries before beating this game, and I'd advocate saving each time Mask calls for a game (He gives a fair amount of warning.) That said, I enjoyed this game. The voice acting was solid, parts of the plot were quite surprising, the characters were pretty nice and believable, and the did a good job of balancing sympathy for the group and tension of a high stress environment. It's pretty short, even by indie VN standards, but there's replay value for the achievement hunters amongst us, as well as those who like seeing multiple sides of a story/exploring different characters, and I feel a single playthrough will be quite satisfying to those ok with an indie VN being on the short side. So yeah. Recommended! Though if I see another one of those damned shadow creatures again it'll be too soon.. Im constantly on the quest for indie game psychological thrillers, especially of the trapped-in-one-setting variety, so Remember, Remember , a new game about five university students trying to escape an abandoned laboratory, was an exciting find. Remember, Remember is part visual novel, part horror maze game, and is the collaborative effort of writer Michaela Laws and programmer Ethan Nakashima. Kris [insert last name here] and his four best friends, Lisa, Rosa, Xavier, and Peter, are running late to their college graduation ceremony. Because none of them majored in basic street smarts, they accept a ride from a stranger in a van claiming to be a student. The next thing they know, they are trapped in some kind of scientific facility, with the only exit barred by lasers. The friends recognize each other, but find themselves unable to recall anything of their past life. Their kidnapper appears and tells Kris that his friends have been keeping secrets. In order to reveal their guilt, Kris must play a game in which he delivers protective halos to save his friends from drowning in glass tubes. It. makes more sense when you see it. As Kris will later find out, at least one of them was implicitly in the abduction of his little sister Sara, five years before the events of the game. No one can leave until the truth has been revealed, and ultimately Kris will decide who lives and who dies. The maze segments are the games central horror conceit; you play as a helpless butterfly with limited visibility, avoiding the monsters in each level. Ultimately, it's not very scary (although the creative sound design is ON. POINT.), because bees and owls are not very scary, and also RenPy is the token save-scumming engine. Theres no need to act with caution when you can just pop a squat in one of the 47 save slots available a line of dialogue or two beforehand and make as many mistakes as necessary. Thats not to say the mazes arent intriguing, especially once the designs veer into darker and more abstract territory. I especially loved the Maze of True Fear, which opted for ominous shadow people on a crosswalk over familiar insects in a forest setting and opens with a jarring carnival riff. A longer game could have explored making the mazes more unnatural and disturbing as they progressed (in the style of Eversion , perhaps), but as is, Remember, Remember evokes guilt and a weighted sense of responsibility better than it does terror. There are 9 full endings depending on how you perform in the final maze. The story is by Michaela Laws, so of course you also have the option of a romantic relationship with two of the characters, allowing for more ending variations. Rosa, Peter, Xavier, and Lisa are all well-rounded and likable enough that in the end I felt compelled to save them every time. If your opinion differs from mine, however, the bloodthirsty approach unlocks just as much bonus content as the merciful one, so theres no unsubtle developer prodding to go in one direction or the other. You can save any combination of characters based on how you view the scenario and whether or not you want to spite the antagonist. Speaking of the antagonist, wow. He sucks. The Mask, or so he's called, is your supermarket escape-room villain, self-important without being very smart or likable and decidedly very much an idiot. I take offense on behalf of science whenever this guy waves his bone saw around and uses the term experiment like he heard it in a magazine. The Mask believes that the stress induced by the maze game, coupled with an "emotional" allegory about a butterfly, will cause his subjects to remember the incident and confess to their crimes. It doesn't, probably the positive effects of stress on emotional recall are blocked by propranolol, the drug he used to kidnap them in the first place [www.sciencedirect.com] . The question is, is the Mask the world's worst scientist, or is Michaela Laws the world's best writer? Remember, Remember is fully voice acted and has a variety of unlockable extras, including the ability to replay the game's 5 mazes, in case you. really like mazes. Also, the developers laugh at you on the splash screen, which I consider a feature. The total playtime is probably less than six hours. If you're interested in Remember, Remember , I would highly recommend downloading the demo first to see if your computer can run the maze segments without any issues. Unfortunately I have to give this game a 0/10, however. There's no achievement called "sense of irony" for killing only Rosa in the last game . Will amend review if this is patched in.. Remember, Remember is a suspenseful visual novel that I really enjoyed playing. Its not often I can find a good visual novel with horror/thriller elements but this hits it on the head. The visual novel itself is short after the first play though, but it is worth it to replay to get to know each character individually. The mazes are laggy, but I think that might just be my computer. Another issue that I have is that no matter what I cant unlock the Masochistic Pleasure achievement, and it seems like nobody else has. (Seriously, if somebody unlocks this achievement please tell me how to).. Personally, I don't love the story, but it's not bad either. So I am not giving a thumbs-down for merely that. The one thing that bothers me is the 'mazes' you've seen other reviews probably mentioning. They aren't very difficult but some of them have certain 'dangerous spots' that move around on random moments. Think it's 3rd or 4th with those arms. The game uses these mazes to have some people die and uses it as a judging mechanism. I thought alright sure, bit tedious, but hey can roll with it. The last maze of the game is annoying since the time is quite short and in order to avoid the monsters you need to wait for the arms to move. Annoying, but in 4 tries I had the maze completely and saved all of them On restart of the game however, you have to do all those mazes again, and again to look for different outcomes. Imho, this is what completely kills this game. That you have to do those mazes the first time, sure, not fun, but alright I'll do them for story's sake. But second time they are just outrageously tedious and I just stopped right then and there. There's no way to skip mazes. Worse, in the last maze it influences the story and ending and for different outcomes you thus have to do it again, and again if you want to know what happens. I like visual novels with puzzles, riddles, psychological aspects and such, but this completely missed the mark for me.

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