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Sea Dogs: To Each His Own - Hero Of The Nation Free Download [cheat]

Sea Dogs: To Each His Own - Hero Of The Nation Free Download [cheat]

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English localization for this DLC will be available in a week. Please excuse us for the inconveniences.

The road to power is paved with hypocrisy, and casualties. Never regret.

After the siege of St. Pierre at Martinique you have become the most notorious Captain of French Navy - it's a great opportunity to take all the power you can handle!
Fight your way to the very top of French powers! Sieges, epic sea battles and dirty colonial business affairs! Whould you like to become a General-Governor of French New World?


  • Long, dramatic and satisfying story arc!
  • Sieges, epic sea battles and dirty colonial business affairs!
  • New powerful item - a sword made for the Order of Malta's Grand Master!
  • A chance to become the General-Governor of French colonies!

Title: Sea Dogs: To Each His Own - Hero of the Nation
Genre: RPG
BlackMark Studio
Release Date: 15 Dec, 2017


Presently this DLC remains only available in Russian, although Steam states otherwise, as of the date of this review. The English translation is not complete. I cannot recommend DLC that cannot be accessed!

The DLC updates the game to SDTEHO 1.6.0, so if you do not see that on the main menu, this means it is not there.
In addition, there are SUBSTANTIAL requirements that have to be met BEFORE the DLC can be played, if those are not aware, this DLC is meant to be played LATE GAME, not when the game is activated!

Final critical notes for requirements:
1) Tthe city of Saint-Pierre and the whole of Martinique were SUCCESSFULLY saved from the Spanish invaders ("Defense of Saint-Pierre");
2) Charles de Mor went on a quest ( "In search of the Guardian of Truth" ) his brother or already found it (OR the main story is over completely);
3) The French patent and the uniform of the French officer are present, are acquired after "Turtle Soup", or provided if Charles de Maure initially turned them down. I do not know if you can get a second patent, if you $#@! up.
4) The recommended rank of Charles de Mora for the start of the plot campaign is AT LEAST 25-30 and above.. Its bugged! Because of the script bugs you cant complete the game. Most of the main plot things dont appear in the game because of the glitches.. still waiting for it in english, not worth getting until its translated in english, hope they do it before the other dlc is released. "English localization for this DLC will be available in a week. Please excuse us for the inconveniences." 12\/15\/2017

Today is Jan. 15th, 2018. It seems like the Russian calendar is quite different with the one we use all over the world.


Ok, on Aug 14th 2018, the english localization is finally finished, by the community though.. Why do steam offer this DLC in shop in english language if it's not the truth ?. I can't wait to get the English version, here is an idea make a DLC that adds voice acting to the full game to better enjoy the game for people that do enough reading at work or school, charge money just turn this game into a talky. Please stop making missions with time lines it feels like a job which is bs, and make NPC's that have quests stand out not to waste time.. Crashes at the end of the quest, impossible to complete. This DLC are not compatible with the older version saved game. I finished all of the the quest on 2016. Need to restart the whole process with timeline quest to get this DLC working. Just wasting my money on it. Hope this DLC can be activated in the early game just like a sandbox game (COAS) without any requirement and maybe it will be an alternative quest to saved brother.

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