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About This Game

Space Codex is a casual retro arcade minimal awesome top-down shooter featuring waves of enemy spaceships with different attacks in what is, literally, a bullet hell. To beat them, you will have power-up options available through the map. The game only gets harder. How long can you stay alive?


- Multiple and unique power-ups
- Beautiful retro, pixelated graphics
- Unique chiptune soundtrack
- Multiple enemies with different behaviors

Music by:

TeknoAXE a09c17d780

Title: Space Codex
Genre: Casual
Release Date: 9 May, 2016


A space shooter survival game that extremely challenging and difficulty. Totally worth it!. The only common problem is the friend info and the Shift+Tab. Other than that, It's a nice game! 9\/10. Awesome game guys!
. Unlocked every achievement in 36 minutes 36\/36

Seriously though, as someone who sunk literally hundreds of hours into Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved on the xbox 360 I'm absolutely loving this game.. Great game for the price, soundtrack is badass and it really does feel like a retro arcade shooter.. Got it with a Steam Coupon for 10 cents. Well basically this is a space shooter, kinda like asteroids. You pick your ship in the beginning with different attributes and then shoot other ships in a quadratic area. On your way you pick up items like a shield or temporary firing modes. Presented to you with neon pink and purple aesthetics and a really suprisingly great chiptune soundtrack for such a little game. After 10 minutes you get every achievement and those other 8 hours of my playtime were basically just idling for the cards.

I guess its alright if you like to get high scores and have not much to do and want to spend your time quickly. Otherwise there isn't much to say about here to be honest.

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