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Supersonic Boom In Hindi Free Download

Supersonic Boom In Hindi Free Download ->>> DOWNLOAD

Original Title: Supersonic Boom

Genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Crime,Family,Mystery,Sci-Fi



































KAOS can send out sonic booms at will and threatens New York City with one.
Okay episode has KAOS threatening to destroy New York City with a new sonic boom machine unless the US pays them $50 million dollars. The trail leads Max and 99 (still driving the red Sunbeam Tiger) to a car wash where they are captured by Billet (Farley Granger) and his henchman Gaucho (Alex Rocco). To mislead CONTROL they blindfold Max and 99 and try to convince them they have been taken to Argentina (it seems it would be easier to actually take them to Argentina, but that's quibbling--its a funny sequence). Although some of the story is a little sloppy (Billet's sudden wish to destroy Hollywood goes nowhere) Granger is pretty funny as the washed up actor turned KAOS agent, and Rocco also shines in his brief time on screen. Platt gets a wonderful joke about ordering a invasion of Argentina and having to explain it to the President later. Bill Dana, who co-starred with Adams in "the Bill Dana Show" and made a career out of playing Hispanic Jose Jimanez, has a nice cameo that is ONLY funny if you know that information. I did, so it was. Adams is solid and has quite a battle in the car wash and check out Feldon in those go-go boots! Oh mama!

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