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About This Game

(Notice: The price of the game is for the complete content. Currently, the game only finished about 40% contents for the whole plan. The Quick Mode is the main mode playable. Story mode, Mini-games mode and other modes still need months development to finish.)
The inspiration for making the "Take That" is derived from when I play a lot of shooting games, I often must go through login, selection, matching and many other complicated processes. It took a long time to finally begin to experience the core content of the game.

Why is it so troublesome!?
Sometimes, like my lunch break, I just want to play a quick game.

So, I decided to make a game without so much nonsense and can quickly start the game, a shooting game but like mobile games can be opened at any time to relax.

Fast-paced shooting game, can quickly play the core content, this is the core feature of this game!

For now, the game have four modes:
Quick Mode, Endless Mode, Story Mode and Mini-games Mode.
Quick mode would be the main mode.

Features of quick mode

  • It can be started within seconds
  • Three difficulties for each map
  • Maximum 5 extra waves
  • Three enter-points can be chosen
  • Hire bounty hunters to help you

Story mode has some simple storytelling, currently only has 4 levels, still need time to develop.
Endless mode is a new mode where players play on a much larger map and clear battle points. Enemies drop items and so on.

If you like to know more about mode intro, you can check the update blogs. I have post few blogs to intro more detail about this game.

Title: Take That
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Early Access
Release Date: 24 Dec, 2018

English,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese,Russian

This is a nice little western game, so much potential upwards, I hope there are endless contents on the road, haha

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