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The Mahjong Huntress Free Download [Xforce]

The Mahjong Huntress Free Download [Xforce]

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About This Game

Mary Elisabeth Riley is to be wed to sir Charles Gilbertworth on the eve of her 21st birthday. She is reluctant, as the marriage was arranged and she does not feel it’s the time or the place – or the man for that matter. She, as a growing number of women of her age, wants to make something more out of herself, and becoming a housewife is not exactly what she had in mind.

Right before the ceremony the groom goes missing. Mary Elisabeth would be fine with this, more than fine, but the thing is, Gilbertworth disappeared in her family’s mansion, and if he’s not found, the blame might fall on her mother, widow Riley. There’s also the matter of, well, the supernatural. It seems there’s more to the folk stories than she believed.

  • nearly 300 levels to complete (60 in Story mode and over 200 unique Mystery Challenges)
  • search for clues to find your missing fiancé and discover the Riley family heritage
  • Defeat Supernatural Creatures and Ghosts in terrifing Match-3 encounters
  • intriguing story with a paranormal twist (6 unique locations to explore)
  • innovative gameplay mechanics and powerful power-ups to aid you in your quest
  • Beat high scores and complete special objectives to unlock Trophies

Title: The Mahjong Huntress
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Strategy
Nawia Games
Forever Entertainment S. A.
Release Date: 25 May, 2016


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There are no bug in this updated version of the game.
But I don't recomand this game because the idea of the charm and the power-ups is fine, but it does not work how it should be. Its designed bad (you must use too much power ups to pass a level) and makes the game boring after few hours.
I'm sad because there are good ideas behind this game, but the implementation does not sodisfy me.. It's a fun game with a surprising increase in difficult the further you dive into the story.

There are multiple timers that contribute to level challenge bonuses as well as in-game bonuses & power ups. Some mahjong games set up the tiles randomly, but this one obviously follows a type of algorythm where the game wont screw you on the first few steps, offering you a short grace period before you run into issues. (There's one puzzle I couldn't get more than 15% complete before having to use every power up I could, eventually resorting to using most of my crystals to completely refill the powerup bar.) As you progress through the storyline you'll find yourself needing to use these power ups more and more as the puzzles get more difficult. One of the power ups will reshuffle the board.

There's a neat feature that allows you to remove a tile from the board and hold onto it to match later, but you have to match it before being able to pick up another one. There are hundreds of challenge puzzles available that don't affect the story portion of the game.

Another portion of the game involves "boss fights" that play very similarly to games like Bejeweled or Pokemon Shuffle. The instructions for these games aren't explained very well, so it took a while for me to catch on. There are health orbs for yourself and the enemy. The bar next to the health bar shows which color orbs will give you "crystal energy" to attack. For the entirety of the first boss fight, I had to avoid matching purple orbs or I would get attacked. Each time I was able to attack, my color changed.

The achievements are buggy right now but the game just came out so it should get fixed soon.. https://youtu.be/ZjZoh_QJfDo

The simple joy of a high contrast tile set is a strong positive by itself. The added narrative and mechanical variety gives and extra push to hook players.. I like the art style, I the the story. The game is fun and the powerups make it interesting. Still a little buggy. I got stuck on level 8 (billiard room) and it was on this level that the game ate 3 of my little magic powerups and I had to restart it to keep playing. Downloaded on my mac and I can't exit the game without a force quit or taking it out of fullscreen mode. It looks gorgeous on the retina screen! but super annoying to exit. I also tried adding a new profile while playig on my mac, and was unable to type a player name. It worked again after restarting the game.

The game just came out, so there's bound to be minor annoyances and buggy things.. To sum it up for you, it's basically a crappy p2w mobile shanghai clone ported on PC without it's p2w mechanics (unless I missed something), so what you get here is basically a game built around forcing players to be spending money continuously for "power ups" to overcome the impossible situations the game puts you in regularly. But since those mechanics are not present here, you are left with a broken game.

Should you be owning this game? No, you should not and that's the tea on that.. I like mahjong games and this one has a plus because has a story behind.. Like all ppl say buggy game, i just cant enjoy playing it
And it makes you use powers to mutch ,gets boring fast
But the buggy problem is the worst
i heard developers droped the game ,so it will never gate update
So skip this game
Relly shame ,it looked really fun :/. No more Moves!
No more Moves!
No more Moves!
No more Moves!

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