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About This Game

Venice is sinking and only you can save it! From the floating fortress of your golden gondola, you'll restore the city by returning its lost treasures. Sling costly coins, launch lovely lyres and ricochet ruby rings into the corresponding spaces overhead. Use your arsenal of special shots to create cascading combos and earn bonus points along the way. But beware — shelves, chutes, swirlies and other traps will make things tricky, so you'll need power-ups like Wild Shot and Wings to help you sail through the levels. So grab your gondola and get ready — with a majestic soundtrack, gloriously ornate artwork and four enduring game modes, Venice is a classic test of wits, will and skill!

  • Dive into 4 game modes: Journey, Flood, Survival and Trick Shots
  • Save 72 buildings over 8 neighborhoods
  • Wield astonishing power-ups like Wild Shot and Wings
  • Overcome obstacles like tricky chutes, sinister swirlies and more
  • Revel in ornate art, mellifluous music and spectacular effects
  • Earn bonus points and power-ups with terrific tumbles and cascading combos
  • Save your high scores for pride and posterity!

Title: Venice Deluxe
Genre: Casual
Retro64, Inc.
PopCap Games, Inc.
Release Date: 26 Jun, 2007


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Venice Deluxe is a nice little game of shooting treasures at moving tiles. That is about as close to the description of the gameplay mechanic as I can get. I have no idea how to describe it any other way.

With a bit more than 70 levels, Venice Deluxe does offer a few puzzling constellations challenging to think around the corner, in a manner of speaking.

There isn't much more to say. But it definitely is a fun game to play if you are patient enough to get every level down perfectly.. All Pop Cap's games are just perfect. Easy to learn, "plug & play" but, with increasing difficulty and clear instructions before every new thing to learn. Intense rythm, you are always clicking the mouse, no time to rest. Original, they can be based on anything else but they do their own way and with outstanding imagination. The right difficulty at the right time, to maintain the interest. Variated play modes. Ridiculous simple controls, usually just the mouse and their two buttons, some times the arrows pad is also neeced but, that's all. Very good music and sound effects....
Well, if you already played Zuma, you know what I mean but, they have other interesting titles and this is one of them.
Highly recommeded for casual tmes, when you are in a hurry and want to play just a bit or, for that "in between big games" time.
ORIGINAL, AS PEEGLES. HIGHLY ADDICTIVE.. I have played this game for quite a while and all of a sudden it decides to slowly jerk to where i cannot play it any more . I enjoy the mindless game but am now not so impressed with it.. Venice is a puzzle game from casual game company PopCap. While the company is very familiar to many people, this game is not. It's a hidden gem on the PC platform, and it has a harsh difficulty curve.

The game centers around Venice, Italy sinking into the waves, and it's up to you, as a random small-ish gondola, to save the treasures of Venice before all is lost. It's a better story than Bejeweled, but not exactly AAA writing. But, for what it needs to do, it sets the game up perfectly.

If you've ever played Luxor or Zuma, the game controls essentially like that. Your objective is to match all of the shapes without letting any fall into the water below. This is where the game can and will screw you over multiple times, by placing nearly impossible trick shots that rely on pin-point timing and accuracy. It can get frustrating, but you feel a good sense of accomplishment after completing the level.

The music is up to PopCap standards, as it fits the gameplay very well, and adds to the atmosphere. The visuals do the job, but show their age. Not too much to the point of looking bad, but enough to notice. I have a reoccuring problem with many of PopCap's games. It doesn't detect that my graphics card supports hardware acceleration, even though it does. I'm sporting an AMD Radeon HD 8240, and my old iBook G4 from 2005 supports hardware acceleration. I don't get it, but the game looks nice even without accelerated graphics.

Overall, I give this game my Seal of Reccomendation. Pick it up if you want an obscure classic. I'm not responsible for any hardware-related damage you may inflict upon your system.. Easy point&shoot game with Venice as loose background. Hit targets above base shooter; difficulty varies but tactics easily learned. No pressure, can stop & restart at will. Good for relaxing & focusing on shooter & target with minimal stress.. Easy point&shoot game with Venice as loose background. Hit targets above base shooter; difficulty varies but tactics easily learned. No pressure, can stop & restart at will. Good for relaxing & focusing on shooter & target with minimal stress.

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