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Zombie Shooter

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About This Game

Where is the line between life and death? How far can human science go trying to understand this?
Take part in the great battle to rescue humanity an 5d3b920ae0

Title: Zombie Shooter
Genre: Action, Indie, RPG
Sigma Team Inc.
Sigma Team Inc.
Zombie Shooter
Release Date: 29 Dec, 2007


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Zombie spin-off of the Alien shooter series. Still a great short game.. The StoRy so FaR.. A simple top down isometric shooter. A few weapons to choose from, levels are nothing interesting and mosters are quite generic overall. Gameplay is good and runs smooth, a few powerups to use along with a very simple level up system. An ok game overall. Music is alright. While the game is nothing special, it was worth playing through once, my only real problem with it is that there are way too many ammo drops and the game is quite easy, though this goes for almost every game out there.. A senseless zombie killing shooter it says it all you will have fun with this game shooting zombie for a while but I wouldn't think it can become your all time favorite game Provide about 10 hours of playtime. Plays like any average twin-stick shooter, just with minor rpg elements (leveling, upgrading guns). Does what it does well, but isn't anything special.. This is not a deep, or tactical game bt ant means. The clue really is in the title. An isometric twin stick shooter, the graphics obviously show their age, and the limited soundtrack can get repetative. However the controls are smooth and the performance in game is great. The RPG elements are very limited as is the weapon upgrade system, Despite the lack of sophistication, the game is fun, and there can be an insane amount of zombies on screen as well as the same amount of gore. in fact very few modern twin stick shooters get even close to the amount of AI on screen at the same time. All in all a great little time waster, with a decent campaign as well as a survival map and gun game, gives you a lot of fun for the money, even if it does geta bit repative towards the end.. Incredibly splat-tastic. Lots of fun. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by this one as I had presumed this to be a low-budget, low-quality, low-enjoyment game and I was quite wrong.. A basic over head shooter with a little throw back to graphics of the late 90's(Fallout, Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo). Like: -Music, it's defitany one of the biggest pluses to this game. Main menu music is a nice throw back to Resident Evil games. Otherwise the rest is this rock style kinda like Starcraft rock. -Classic late 90's graphics. -Nice mix of open and close spaces. -Distructable enviroment is a nice touch Dislikes: -The music doesnt really fade out well. There's a snap in the sound clips or a sharp ending. It's not a big complant it's just noticable. -Ememies can be too easy at times where you can just pistol your way through most situations. Pistols are a little to OP well upgraded to full. -Not worth $15 wait for a sale. All in all its a good time waster. Nothing too serious but good relaxing fun.. Nice shooter game with a mixed ARPG element. short one, worth 5$ or less.

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