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Noel Higgins, Higgs Tours Proprietor

Noel Higgins is a life-long resident of Ocho Rios which makes him quite knowledgeable of the area.

He has 20+ years of experience providing many, many, many satisfied customers with custom designed tours that have those special extras that only he can provide. His customers are carried safely and securely in his new, late model mini-bus to all of the wonderful Jamaican attractions.

Noel has also established close, personal relationships with quite a few of the owners and managers of the finer shops in town, which brings to his customers their best deals.

Before starting Higgs Tours, Noel spent 20 of his early years as an employee of Norwegian Cruise Lines. There he developed his laid back, professional customer service skills that are so much appreciated by his customers.

Then, desiring to be with his growing family at home in Ocho Rios, he decided to shift to this tourist-oriented service. When he started it, he made up his mind not to let it become one of the typical pushy, dangerously speeding, taxi services which are so prevalent in Ocho Rios and the rest of Jamaica.

Instead, being a well trained Cruise ship professional, he committed to providing only top quality, calm, safe and reliable touring services.

To best do this he has affiliated with a few other mature drivers (who are of like mind) with various size vehicles to serve his customer groups of any size. Together they have been reliably providing cruise ship visitors and Ocho Rios resort patrons with very high quality (yet quite economical), professional custom tours of the area.

If you have been one of his customers, you know the truth of all of these statements. If you have not yet been one of Noel's customers, become one now by booking an advance reservation with him.

Contact Noel directly at -



He will be happy to spend as much time as you wish discussing a customized personal tour of Ocho Rios and its surrounding areas, designed just for you.

He will also charge you only the standard published JUTA rates for each stop and provide you with as many customer references as you may desire.

Why become a Higgs Tours Member?

If you plan to come to or return to Ocho Rios, especially during the peak season of December to May, you should become a member so that you may receive booking priority. Just contact Noel Higgins at....

(876) 850-1396

....at any time and he will e-mail you an invitation.

Advance Deposit for each Tour

Higgs Tours, in the manner of all true professional services, requires a deposit in advance with every reservation. This deposit (to be agreed upon with Noel) assures you that on the date of your tour he or one of his drivers will reliably and promptly pick you up on the wharf when your cruise ship docks or at your resort / villa / residence if you are staying in town. He can also be booked to provide you and your party with reliable airport transfer services.

Reliability is very important for you because every day is precious on a vacation and a wasted day because of some service's unreliability to keep a commitment is absolutely unacceptable!

Higgs Tours - A Top Quality. Reliable, Safe, Personal, Custom Tour & Excursion Service for All the Attractions and Fine Shops in Ocho Rios.

As all prior patrons of Higgs Tours know, Noel Higgins provides a very reliable, economical, (non-aggressive driving) tour service. He and his affiliate drivers are all well qualified to take folks safely and comfortably to and from all of the area's attractions and to the finer shops in Ocho Rios.

Higgs Tours - Contact (876) 850-1396 or nhigs57@yahoo.com

Examples of Ocho Rios's many unique attractions are shown in the following videos.
Higgs Tours provides only mature, careful drivers utilizing well-maintained late model vehicles of appropriate size for each particular excursion.

Higgs Tours is committed to safely, reliably and economically providing Ocho Rios tourists with 2 much needed types of quality driving services.

  1. For cruise ship passengers - prearranged and customized, time-limited tours to Ocho Rios's finer shops and / or individual attractions.
  2. For resort patrons - prearranged and customized, any-duration tours to the finer shops and clubs of Ocho Rios and / or to its nearby unique Jamaican attractions.

Noel Higgins and his affiliated drivers obtain much of their business from referals and repeat customers. Therefore, Higgs Tours usually has many advance bookings so it is wise to make your own reservation with them as well in advance as possible.

Just contact Noel Higgins at 876-850-1396 or nhigs57@yahoo.com as soon as you firm up your trip dates.

As a top quality tour service, Higgs Tours is fully and properly insured.

Tours are driven safely by mature drivers who only charge you the standard, published, reasonable JUTA rates for each tour.


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