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By using AcceleDent Optima for 20 minutes per day, the small vibrations, or micropulses will help your teeth respond to orthodontic treatment more quickly. 5.3.2. Select a consistent time for use each day. This way using AcceleDent Optima becomes a routine, and you may be less likely to forget a daily session. 20 Mar 2014 With our fitted mouthpiece Acceledent in Berkeley, we can straighten teeth and help decrease the duration of time that you're using braces. AcceleDent Aura's SoftPulse Technology releases a safe and e ective Refer to the Directions for Use with AcceleDent® Aura Patient Guide to "How it Works" 23 May 2017 Since 2009, it has been prescribed to thousands of patients worldwide. AcceleDent is available by prescription from your orthodontist. With AcceleDent®, you can speed your tooth movement by up to 50%! AcceleDent patients have reported reduced discomfort with their orthodontics.Use AcceleDent Aura for twenty minutes per day hands-free and the small vibrations, or micropulses will help your teeth respond to orthodontic treatment more quickly. Select a consistent time for use each day. This way, it becomes a routine and you are less likely to forget. Some patients prefer using AcceleDent just after they wake up and brush their teeth in the morning. Others use the appliance while engaged in a consistent daily Download the AcceleDent App and sign up as a patient, follow the prompts on . Your orthodontics work on their own by moving your teeth in specific directions. If you are looking forward to debuting your new, beautiful smile at your upcoming wedding, graduation, or other event, AcceleDent can help you achieve your

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