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Dentek mouth guard fitting instructions for mouth

Dentek mouth guard fitting instructions for mouth

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Read and follow the instructions BEFORE fitting the dental guard to your UPPER teeth. • If you need assistance, visit www.dentek.com or call 1-800-433-6835 Marketing Description. DenTek™ Comfort-Fit® For Nighttime Teeth Grinding Dental Guard. Complete fitting instructions are inside the package. *AntimicrobialAn over the counter dental guard with a forming tray that creates a fit similar to professionally made dental guards, but without the expense. Features: Forming Tray: Keeps the Fitting Instructions: What You Need To Begin: Bowl of room Designed to fit on the lower jaw, it will help to prevent We found that the mouth guard still manages to fall out Shop DenTek Professional Fit Dental Guard at CVS. Offers custom-fit protection similar to a professionally made mouth guard for a .. 1–8 of 17 Reviews ? Using a microwave or stove, bring a bowl or pot of water to a rolling boil. While loaded in the forming tray, place the dental guard face down in the hot water for 60 seconds. Remove the dental guard and forming tray with a metal fork, using the openings in the tray handle. Amazon.com : DenTek Maximum Protection Dental Guard Professional- Fit 1 ea : Anti Night Guard For Sleep| Includes Retainer Case, And Fitting Instruction. Buy DenTek Professional-Fit Maximum Protection Dental Guard | For Nighttime Night Guard For Sleep| Includes Retainer Case, And Fitting Instruction. 2-Size 1 Aug 2012 The DenTek Comfort-Fit Dental Guard offers the same level of protection from nighttime teeth grinding as a full-coverage dental guard in a slim design. Place night guard on your lower teeth and bite down. The life of your dental guard depends on how often you grind your teeth and

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