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What is the right height of the Platform Bed frame for the elderly?

What is the right height of the Platform Bed frame for the elderly?

Platform beds are a trend that is taking home décor to the next level this past couple of months/years. They are getting preference in the bedroom due to their ease in construction and usage. For the aged/elderly, platform beds are being adopted due to their benefits them. When getting a platform bed for the aged, it is important to put into account a couple of factors so as to pick one that will best serve them. These factors are discussed below.

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1)    Ease of mobility of the person

It is important to consider the ease with which an aged person moves. Some get around with the help of crutches, walkers, canes, or wheelchairs. For wheelchair-ridden people, it will be important to make a bed that coincides with the seat height of the wheelchair to avoid accidents. If they are able to use their legs, then the height needs to be such that they can sit at the edge of the bed with minimal extra effort usage. It is also not unusual to have aged people who are moved by being carried by their caregivers, and this would require the bed to be a height that allows these people to lift them onto the bed easily.

2)    The room design

The positioning of the windows and furniture in the room is an important factor to consider when choosing a platform bed for an aged person. Some of the aged people are required to have direct sunlight hitting their form as they rest in the day, and as such, the platform bed needs to be the ideal height to capture the sun. Also, the positioning and height of the furniture of the room should be considered to create a kind of symmetry and easy access to bedside chests and stands from the bed.

3)    Pre-existing medical conditions

There are some medical conditions that affect a person’s cognitive skills and mind functionality. In the aged, they may get convulsions while sleeping, which causes them to fall off beds. As a result, the height of a bed should be so as to account for possible falling over and avoid injury.  Some are affected by colds easily and sleeping close to the floor of a cemented room accelerates this sickness hence their beds need to be a bit raised off the ground to expose them to warmer air (hot air rises while cold air settles lower)

4)    Preference

It is a known fact that the aged are usually stubborn, and as such, they may make demands which, if they aren’t met, become fussy or glum. One person may prefer a low bed since anything higher is too high and makes him/her uneasy for reasons best known to them. Another person may prefer a higher bed attributing this to personal reasons, which we may not understand. However, preference should be put into consideration since the ultimate goal of a platform bed for an aged person is absolute comfort and quality good night’s rest. You may also want to buy a platform bed for the elderly, click here to find more Platformbedexpert.com

5)    Height of the person

This is an important factor to consider as different people will require a different bed height depending on their body height. This is especially necessary for aged people as their energy is waning and should be made as comfortable as possible. Short people will require a lower bed height to complement their short stature while taller people will require higher beds for their height suitability. It also makes sense since the opposite scenario would look odd and out of the ordinary.

6)    Size and material of the mattress

The size of the mattress to be used on a bed ultimately determines the overall height of the bed off of the ground. As such, this mattress height needs to be considered before the platform bed is acquired. It should be such that a thick mattress is selected for a medium to low bed. Also,  a mattress made out of a pure sponge has the capability to deform and become smaller. This deformation should be considered so as to factor in a final suitable height for use by a person.

7)    Ceiling height off of the ground

This refers to the height of a room, as is allowed by the designer. Some rooms’ ceilings are low, and it would be logical to have a flower bed for this reason. It is unbefitting for an older person to have to hustle with avoiding knocking his/her forehead on the ceiling or lighting. For rooms with higher ceilings, relatively higher beds will be used to ensure the room doesn’t look “empty” or void of stuff. The ceiling height also determines the level of overhead lighting in the room. No one wants to have lights directly in their face as they sleep.

8)    Procedures to be done on the patient

Some aged people have a disability, and due to doctors’ orders are to be given special care from where they are situated to prevent their condition from worsening or developing complications. These aged people require special care, and as such, the height of platform beds needs to accommodate this. Equipment such as body monitors and sensors, IV tubes, and oxygen tanks should be at a reasonable height relative to the patient’s bed.  Some may also be getting physiotherapy within the comfort of their beds, and as such, the bed needs to be at a convenient height for this to be done, maybe in the form of massages be it a masseuse or machine.


In conclusion, selecting the right king platform bed for the aged is quite a process as they all have individual needs that need to be catered for. It is important to note that there are so many more factors to be considered for each different case. However, it is becoming more and more accepted across the medical and hospitality fields that platform beds are quite a boost when it comes to rest and should be adopted more and more as time goes by. 

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