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About This Game

What is A-Men?
Classic puzzle-platformer, inspired by some oldschool titles like Lemmings and Lost Vikings.
What is A-Men like?
Hard. No holding your hand, no easy levels, we want to challenge you. If you are a casual, A-Men is not for you.

Key features:

  • Hardcore puzzle-platformer, that will make you cry, if you aren't good enough
  • 40 levels, that will give you a challenge
  • High replay value - beat your best score and get all the achievements
  • Pretty graphics, with a retro touch
  • Five characters, with different skills and abilities

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Title: A-Men
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Bloober Team SA
Bloober Team SA
Release Date: 25 Jan, 2014


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clunky not that fun. in somewhere on internet i read its like the lost vikings, its not, trash for me. It's times like this I wish there was a neutral option for a review!
This game is not for me, but I can certainly tell that there is an audience for it, and it does not deserve a thumbs down.
I give a quick overview of the basics of the game and my opinions here:
www.youtube.com\/watch?v=t3c6HtLqjcc\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" id=\"dynamiclink_0\">http:\/\/www.youtube.com\/watch?v=t3c6HtLqjcc<\/a>
If you would like to check it out.
. I have to make full disclosure here, A-Men and I got off to a bad start. Once again another game that can\u2019t seem to support two monitors in portrait mode. I had to switch over to landscape, tilt my head, tweak settings, and tweak again, and again, until I finally got the game working in windowed mode. And if I ever go back to the options the game crashes, probably when trying to detect available resolutions. *sigh* Just kinda sick of such poor quality control. A-Men bills itself as a platform puzzle game \u201cinspired by classic, well-known titles, such as Lemmings and Lost Vikings.\u201d and that they decided to \u201cgo for clever and addictive entertainment for hardcore players.\u201d Sadly I\u2019m not sure if I could describe this game as being clever or addictive.

The goal of the game is to destroy a certain number of A-droids, androids that look like Napoleonic toy soldiers, all equipped with\u2026 muskets. Really not the most terror inspiring foe, and all that I\u2019ve come across just wander around aimlessly and stab you if you get too close. I can\u2019t help but thinking the entire time a single soldier with an assault rifle and plenty of ammunition would have no trouble cleaning up the mess. But sadly no, you just have a hapless soldier with almost no ammo and has to rely on various methods in the environment to deal with the disappointing death droids.

There\u2019s a decent variety of ways to deal with the droids but I\u2019d describe the game as unintuitive rather than difficult. The first few times I played I had few clues as to what I should do. Once I had finally figured out the thought process involved in the level design the game was no longer difficult, it was just tedious. Basically you look over a level, find kill spots, slowly and methodically get your guys to the right spots to interact with things, and kill off enough droids for the chopper to land and take you off to the next zone. It felt like I was taking care of mechanical janitorial work, not some fun, thrilling, life or death struggle.

The game is definitely not helped by the cast of characters and the cheesy cut scenes between each mission. Sadly they\u2019re not cheesy in a funny, campy sort of way. More cheesy in a five year old playing with toys while copying what his dad screams into his headset \u2018pwning newbs\u2019 in the latest Call of Duty multiplayer game. I wouldn\u2019t be surprised if the game resorts to toilet humor at some point but I just couldn\u2019t keep enough interest to play past the first few tedious levels.

The game just wasn\u2019t hard or mind boggling as advertised, nor did it feel like I had to use much creativity to find ways to kill the required number of droids. Just tedious, dull, and bleh. It\u2019s not that the game is terrible it\u2019s just\u2026 not as challenging or interesting as I was expecting. I\u2019d give this game a definite pass if I were you. Oh and PS: Having a snarky Engineer that breaks the fourth wall by constantly criticizing your game, probably not a good idea. Players might start to agree with him.

Final Score:
Graphics: 7\/10
Game Play: 5\/10
Music \/ Ambiance: 7\/10
Story: 3\/10
Value: 6\/10
Overall: 5.6\/10

Check out more reviews on my blog!
http:\/\/markofithian.com<\/a>. Too buggy. Nice game, but it's obviously hasn't been beta tested. Way way too many bugs. I guess that's why it's on sale for 2 dollars..... Caution: This game will not run on anny system!
Check out the community pages for the various defects.

Does not recognise a Nvidia Gt650, will not run, not recomended.

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