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A.V. Ativador Download [PC]

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About This Game

A.V. follows the adventure of a sentient music program living in a computer system – a program seeking to learn more about itself and its world. But since our hero was only programmed to understand sound, that’s the only way he can interact with his environment. Each sound you generate can be seen as a pulse of light, and it’s this mechanic that serves as your primary tool for navigating A.V.’s open world. To help you along, a set of musical instrument algorithms allow for different types of interaction with the world, letting you open access to new areas. In the midst of this adventure, though, there’s a catch. The computer you inhabit isn’t all that happy with your newfound sense of self-awareness, and has sent a load of antivirus programs into the system to stop you. Make too much noise, and you’ll draw their attention. Try to stay out of sight well enough to make your escape!

A.V.’s presentation is centered around a quirky and engaging sensory experience. The entire world follows a rhythm, and electronic music is coupled with colorful, pulsing lights to place you into a world where sound represents your whole existence. The game’s open-world design encourages you to choose your own path and your own play style – multiple ending sequences await depending on what technique you ultimately choose. So throw on some headphones, join the experience, and dive into the world of A.V. – a world that puts the “rhythm” in “algorithm”.

Hmm…that doesn’t really work unless you say it, does it?

Key Features:
  • Unique Sensory Experience
    - "Sound To Light" mechanics mixed with outlined visual look provides a unique visual and audio experience.
    - Perfect blend of light and sound.
    - Winner of RPI GameFest 2014 Best Sensory Experience Award
  • Quirky Yet Riveting Narrative Line
  • Windows, Mac, or Linux Platforms
  • Oculus VR Support
  • Controller Support - Relax on the couch as you explore
  • Large Open Levels to Explore
  • Path Dependent Endings
  • 7 Unique Puzzle Instruments/Tools
  • Steam Cloud Saves & Achievements
  • 8 Types of Anti-Virus drones trying to end your exploration
  • Assemble musical tracks into a master tune

Title: A.V.
Genre: Adventure, Indie
FirstForever Studios
MAGIC Spell Studios
Release Date: 13 Feb, 2015


It is a very, I mena VERY complex game. I can only recommend it for people that LOVE puzzule games, and are REALLY good at them. Honestly this is the only game that I would say that you have to be prepaired to want your money back. It can very easly confuse you to a point in which you can't do anything. If yu buy it, be prepared to want a refund very early in the game. So sadly I can't really recommend this game.. www.youtube.com\/watch?v=May0AoF8PTo\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" id=\"dynamiclink_0\">https:\/\/www.youtube.com\/watch?v=May0AoF8PTo<\/a>. *TLDR: Not really a TLDR but if all you want to know is if this game is for you, watch the video that MartyrA2J made\/posted in his review and all you need to see is at least the first 3-5 minutes to see if this is a game that will interest you.

I don't generally write reviews but I do pay attention to them and I am shocked that this is only 63% positive (at the time of writing this) and realized that it was the lack of reviews with only 2 bad ones (I feel like one of those isn't fair as I've never experienced any lag at with Ultra Max graphic settings and I don't have an issue with the load times). I'm writing this to try to get this game out of the "mixed" and into the "positive" catagory.

I saw this game when it was on sale and it looked very interesting so I bought it and it is easily worth the full 7 bucks. I am really enjoying the Sensory Experience (which this game has won an achievement for). The music is awesome, the fact that everything interacts with the music is amazing!!

More to come as I spend more time in the game which I plan to do over the next couple weeks.. sorry but it kepet crashing on my pc and it's realy frustrating but good game like graphis. The game looks really laggy, and the loading screens are really slow!
I know this game is made by a indie. But remember developer! There are some gamers who don't have SUPER PCs.
. This game seemed interesting at first, but quickly became confusing. The puzzles were hard, but not because they were difficult puzzles, just poorly made ones.. Pretty interesting puzzler. Good visuals and fun to play stoned.

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