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Aci Hayat Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd 1080p

Aci Hayat Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd 1080p ->>> DOWNLOAD

Original Title: Aci Hayat

Genge: Action,Drama,Romance
















































Mehmet and Nermin are desperately in love with each other. Both are living in the suburbs of Istanbul, trying to stay one step ahead of poverty by working harder each day. Their only aim is to get married and have a nice home. While Mehmet works as a welder in a shipyard, Nermin is a manicurist in one of the well known coiffeurs. But no matter how hard they try, they just never earn enough money to realize their dream. Ender, one of Istanbul's playboys sees Nermin and falls in love with her. Nermin, not being able to realise her dreams, gets upset, drunk and makes the biggest mistake of her life and spends the night with Ender. She has no other choice than to marry him. She leaves her old poor life and her only real love behind and starts a new life in richness with Ender.
This TV series is based on a movie from the 60's, and just like the vast majority of Turkish movies in that era, it accomplishes one thing perfectly: Being cheesy!

The acting is so and so by some characters, pretty good by a couple, and absolutely horrid by most of them. Especially Oguz Galeli and Anta Toros are tremendously fake. I have a feeling that is caused by a lack of communication between the director and the cast. Even the worst actor cannot fail at depicting malevolent demeanour so badly!

As for the plot, it may be good for a mini series of a dozen episodes or less (that still being ultimately cheesy), but they are trying to put more on the screen, and because of that, they fill it up with long and pretentious scenes. Not to mention the pointless religious propaganda they include in every other frame.

I do not find Aci Hayat to be worth watching on a regular basis. I would not say terrible either, I have seen terrible TV series and this is not one of them. But I do not watch it unless I have absolutely nothing better to do.

4,5 out of 10 It is hard to say that that Aci Hayat was a perfect TV Show, because definitely it wasn't. It did really have some huge and quite obvious demerits, like poor acting of some characters, like extended, never ending, exaggerated storyline and etc. But, still I cannot say that Aci Hayat does not deserve to be watched. Personally I watched it with great pleasure from the beginning till the end, maybe due to the portion of tension that presents throughout the Show and chains you to the story, maybe it is because of demonstration of really big and rare love between the main characters, due to what you start to suffer together with them, I don't know exactly what, but definitely there is something in this show because of which you cant just stay indifferent to it. So, I advice you to watch it, I am sure you will not regret.


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