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Army Gals - The Poker Game Activation Code [portable]

Army Gals - The Poker Game Activation Code [portable]

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About This Content

The Army Gals DLC Story is set several months after the 'Harem' good ending to the game.

As the four of you get together again after the unfortunate events to play a game of poker. That is until Raen suggests 'like she does' that maybe you should all play like you did back in the woods... Simply put betting clothes instead of coin.

Features a selection of brand new scenes as well as dialogue as the gals gamble and undress whilst playing poker.

  • Five card poker gameplay system.
  • Three girls to beat in the game.
  • Different layers of clothing.
  • Stripping CG's
  • Animated final scenes when you win.
  • Fun, easy to play Poker Game.

Title: Army Gals - The Poker Game
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Dharker Studio
Release Date: 1 Sep, 2017


Good to see the girls again. Hope there is an x rated patch. This is just a card game. Would rate it down but Edda said she would kill me if I did.. A very short dlc i beat all the girls in 5 minutes maybe cause of my poker skills i dont know and i was expecting more content and more sexy time definately not worth the wait ... This is an absolute and total failure, an insult to the beauty of the base game. This is simply not worth your time or money.

If you liked this review or want to see more recommended games, be sure to follow our curator group: <\/i> The Group <\/a> Or my group: <\/i> My Group <\/a>. This is solely for the DLC poker game not the main game which I give a thumbs up to.

The DLC is very short taking me about 5 minutes or so to 'win' what you get is some jerky (and not in the fap way) images of the girls dancing, no additional CGs or anything like that (which was what I think most of us were expecting). The writing was poor and it was difficult to see the girls personalities from the base game based on the few lines they said. After the 'introduction' they repeat the same lines over and over again after each card round.

In relation to the game itself again its very poorly done, imagine the worst strip (or non strip) poker game you have found online and you might be close, the cards are tiny and you just select then click discard, you can win almost every time if you have a jack or higher.

Pros +

Cons -
Poor writing
Poor graphics
Lack of CGs\/HCGs
Poor game mechanics (which I believe they touted as being good)
Lack of replay value

If you must buy this if you didn't get the deluxe version wait until it goes to 50% off.. Good DLC overall felt a bit short lived so more Content in future would be cool and more longer time to complete the DLC but Overall good DLC. Disappointing DLC that doesn't capture the characters at all, which is a downer considering it was probably a pain in the behind to make.. The base game was a really promising but rough-around-the-edge English visual novel from an indie studio. It did justice to Japanese VN roots while taking on its own flair, with a unique story, cute characters and a lot of choices.

This DLC does not do Army Gals any justice at all. It's a really cheesy poker simulator (I lost two games before getting all the girls to strip down) that's riddled with grammatical and spelling errors, It feels like it was obviously made to be fap-bait; it doesn't refer to the original story at all except that they're survivors. I have to assume this is from the harem end, which is fine, but even the harem ending did justice to how each girl was unique.

In Poker Night, there's barely anything that allows you to differentiate between Edda's no-nonsense personality, Raen's loose behavior and Andrea's pouty shyness. They spout some vaguely character specific stuff at the start, as the game is set up, and then with each round of Poker they repeat their own specific line. Hell, even when they strip, they say the same thing.

To be honest, that would be fine if this game was fap-worthy. I've played worse things to get a quick eyeful, after all. However, this isn't even that. I'm not sure if I missed the R-18 patch, but all I got to see was underwear. That's fine usually (HuniePop comes to mind), but when I said Army Gals' art was unique, I didn't mean it could carry the game alone. While animation is really cool, the girl's strip dancing is...oddly unnatural. They definitely put the most effort into Raen, so Edda and Andrea both seem a little jerky and stretched.

It took me about twenty minutes to finish the entire thing, skipping dialogue once I realized how bad it was. I think writing this review may have taken me longer. This is in no way worth it even for the starting sale price of $3.59. The writing is bad in multiple ways, the characters don't really feel connected to the base game at all, and I couldn't even use it to get off. I was excited to see how this would work and disappointed when I actually played through it.

The base game is still worth it, but avoid this.. The girls don't strip all the way. That last screenshot on the store page is the furthest they go.

Literally all you need to know about this DLC.. Bought it.

Played one game. Won with 1 piece of clothing left on Kyle.

I am a strip poker god aparantly.

As much as I LOVED the original game, This DLC seems a bit.. Off?. While the end game animation for the player winning was a decent payoff, I feel more could have been (could still be) done to improve the experience.

Suggested improvements to add more replayablity:

- 3 or 4 additional outfit choices for the gals; such outfits could include the original outfit wore by each of the main trio in the base VN as well as other outfits that reflect other aspects of each lady's life style. The additional clothing options could come with a few new lines of dialogue such as each girls reaction to what the others are wearing or any memories associated with the clothing that might connect back to the VN.

- An uncensored patch so that the player may see Andrea, Raen, and Edda in their unclothed glory. A great addition to that patch could be the option to change the lose condition from dance to showing off each love lady's preferred method of self-induced sexual pleasure. (That last idea is inspired my the reddit community made game "Strip Poker Night at the Inventory." Even simple looped animations of each of the 3 main army gals delighting in self pleasure would rival the player win condition of SPNATI)

It is my opinion that the ideas I have list would give the player t...

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