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Original Title: Bob

Genge: Action,Drama,Mystery,Sci-Fi,Thriller







































An incident concerning a microwave bomb brings APO to send Rachel in Sao Paolo in order to take information about this weapon. However, another person who is named "Bob" is also after this information. Rachel has a fling with him, but back at APO, she finds out that he is Julian Sark. Meanwhile, Jack and an old friend are caught by Lazaré while on a stalking mission. Knowing Rachel has a clue to meet Stark, Sydney must deal with this foe in order to free her father from the hands of Lazaré in Tunisia...
When a rogue element of the British spy group MI6 tests a new weapon called a MPB (micro-pulse bomb) which incinerates people, but leaves equipment intact, Rachel is sent to Sao Paulo, Brazil to bug the designer's laptop computer where her path crosses with Julian Sark who returns, under the cover name of "Bob Brown", to do the same thing. Both do so successfully, and neither party is aware of the other's true identity. But when Jack and a fellow MI6 agent, Elizabeth Powell, are captured by Sudanese mercenaries, Sydney and Rachel are forced to team up with Sark to rescue Jack before a much larger MPB bomb is to be set off.
When an attack on a train in Siberia using a Micro Pulse Bomb that incinerates people but is harmless to inanimate objects the attacker is traced back to MI-6, presumably a rogue element speculated about at the end of the previous episode. The designer is traced and is due to attend a conference in São Paulo and Rachel is sent to bug his laptop so APO can intercept his messages. It should be an easy enough mission but somebody else is there with the same intention; Sark. Not knowing each other they both bug the laptop then head to the bar where they bump into each other... it isn't long before Rachel is back in his room. The mission over Rachel returns to APO and tells Sydney about the good time she had and the information received leads to Jack and an MI-6 contact going to intercept the sale of another MPB; however the sale is ambushed and Jack and his contact are captured. At this point APO go over the hotel camera footage and learn that Sark was there... much to Rachel's embarrassment. It may be awkward for her but the fact that she was in his room meant she saw a plane ticket and knows where they can find him... they just have to hope that he can be persuaded to help before it is too late for Jack.

This was another good episode; it is nice to see Rachel in the field; she doesn't have the skill of Sydney and often makes mistakes; but that just adds to the character's charm. It was also fun to see David Anders return as Sark, a character as charming as he is mercenary! I just hope it isn't a one off appearance. There was sufficient drama with Rachel having to hide on a narrow ledge outside a hotel room and later having to defuse a bomb as well as some humorous moments such as Marshall's disappointment that he wouldn't be going to Brazil. Rachel is sent to Brazil to intercept a transmission that the designer of a micropulse bomb will receive, arranging the time and place for the sale of the weapon. But someone else is also sent to the same destination, for the same purpose, by a different employer: that "someone" is none other than Julian Sark, who is currently working as a freelance mercenary, offering his services to the highest bidder (but isn't that what Sark has always been doing? Remember his classic season 2 quote "My loyalties are flexible"?). Neither Rachel nor Sark know each other's true identity, and after they both successfully carry out their missions, they flirt and they end up in bed together. When Jack and a female MI6 agent who were surveilling the bomb sale meeting get captured by Sark's current employer, the APO team has no choice but to "hire" him to help get them - and the bomb - back safely. Sark's guest return is very entertaining - at this point, he is probably my second favorite character in the history of the series, after Arvin Sloane - but "Bob", unlike the previous season 5 episodes, is a bit too stand-alone-ish for my tastes; it does little to advance the overall story. And it doesn't make much sense that the bad guy, after going to so much trouble to acquire the bomb, would just abandon it, take the money and run. *** out of 4.

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