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Title: Brick vs. Paddle
Genre: Casual, Indie
Viaticum Games
Viaticum Games
Release Date: 5 Apr, 2018


Burnt Rubber Burnt Rubber Phase 5 Release - "Velocity Valley" : Hey everyone, Today we have released our Phase 5 Update which includes a new stage, and some other goodies to add to the games experience.. Phase 4 Release : Hi all! We have released our phase 4 update for April. We have had to push stage 6 back by 1 month to accommodate for new mechanics and hazards, so stay tuned. For phase 4 we have released general bugfixes, update our 'ghost platforms' and added some sweet post-processing effects for when you are going fast down those straights. Patch notes: - Improved versions of the Ghost Platforms sounds have been added - Improved the hitboxes of pipes - Added sound effect for ghost platforms - The engine sound has been made slightly louder - Post-processing effects have been made "speed-aware". Certain effects like motion blur and chromatic aberration will become more apparent as the car's speed gets higher. If we don't hear from you, we will see you in a month for phase 5! Keep it real, keep it fast.. Burnt Rubber Phase 3 Release: Velocity : It's release week! We have been working hard for the past month and today we are releasing our phase 3 update: Velocity! We hope you enjoy the new content and quality of life fixes brought to you by this update. As always, if you are having any issues or have any feedback please post on the steam forum and we will get back to you as soon as possible. New content included in this update: - A new stage "Velocity Valley" containing 10 new tracks - A new challenge: Moving Obstacles. These obstacles bring a whole new level of challenge to the table. - Leaderboards for all 50 existing tracks (steam only for now, will be put in-game at a later date) - Ghost Platforms (to replace Moving Platforms) General fixes: - The edge warning for cylindrical elements now also shows on the outside of the tube. - In the menu that appears at the end of a track, hovering over the "Next Track" button will show the name of the next track - UI Icons for bollards & tilting elements now show at the top of the screen so as not to block the view of what is directly in front of the car. - Amount of concurrent sounds reduced for bollards and tilting platforms to minimise sound distortion Other notes: - The taskbar & window now have the Burnt Rubber logo as icons - A credits screen has been added to the main menu.. Phase 2 Update Released : Hi all! We are happy to report that we have recently released our Phase 2 update! The content you can expect to find in this update includes 10 new tracks, over 25 achievements, and some small bugfixes. In the background, we have been laying down the framework and mechanics for our future tracks and stages to help us achieve our planned timeframe. Speaking of planned, unfortunately in this update we were not able to implement leaderboards and Trading cards. We have not yet met the sales volume required to release trading cards (we have the art and content ready though). We could have delayed this update until we had finalised leaderboards, but that would not be fair to you! Leaderboards have been pushed to our phase 3 release so we thank you for your patience! As always, feel free to comment on our steam forums with any issues, ideas, or just to say hello! Thank you, Fishbowl Interactive.. Velocity Update hotfix : Hi All, We just released a hotfix patch with the following An improved, more optimized version of Crosseye Updated the track screenshots to reflect the new Ghost platforms Fix for an audio bug whereby the music volume would be at the maximum level during the intro splash screen before resetting to the correct value once the main menu was loaded.. Achievement Testing : Hello All! We will be testing achievements over the next week or so in preparation for the release of Phase 2. Complete support for achievements is planned to be released with our next update! As always, feel free to post in the Steam Forum to let us know of any issues, feature requests, or just to say hi.

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