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Clutch Cheat

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About This Game

Clutch is a fast-paced arcade racing game which will challenge the resilience of anyone's nerves. You play as a person who has survived a catastrophe of the Large Hadron Co 5d3b920ae0

Title: Clutch
Genre: Action, Racing
Targem Games
Game Factory Interactive
Release Date: 2 Jun, 2009


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I used to play Clutch when I was a child. I have reinstalled this game recently- it appealed to me. Let me present you my short review: Gameplay: Zombies included. Cars included. There should be more enemies on the map to make a real slaughterhouse. Graphics: The game looks quite nice- partly destructible environment, zombies can be dismembered in a variety of ways. Heads-up display is nasty in my opinion- too many indicators on the screen. Soundtrack: Pleasant music, but slaughtered zombies scream like normal people. This game is worth buying: it can provide you with lots of fun- this mix of zombie slaughter and racing is really entertaining.. Its a good game if you like Cars that can kill Zombies also able to add your music to this game so its Rob Zombie for me. Do you remember Carmageddon? - Did you like Carmageddon? - Did had really enjoy playing Carmageddon? In that case, search no more, the new and improved Carmageddon is here! It doesn't have the same name, but i really, really recommend this to you if you want to Squash some zombies and destroy some cars!. Heyyo, this game fails to be anywhere as entertaining as Carmageddon which it seems to aim to be like. the campaign mode is not interesting, the driving mechanics are generic so not bad but not great. the only thing I say it has is nice graphics.. Too easy but cool game. Just try it out at once.. Interesting similarity to Carmageddon-style genre. Zombie Blood Trails ! 10/10

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