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Collision: Zatch Vs Naomi Full Movie In Hindi 720p Download

Collision: Zatch Vs Naomi Full Movie In Hindi 720p Download ->->->-> DOWNLOAD

Original Title: Collision: Zatch Vs Naomi

Genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy,Sport
















































After a scary nightmare where Naomi tortures Zatch, he leaves the house with unusual zeal, thinking that he will finally beat Naomi in a series of challenges and make her stop bullying him. Kiyo decides to take Ponygon and Suzy to the zoo to see a visiting lion. At the park, Naomi pulls a number of dirty tricks and cheats her way to victory. Zatch races towards her, but falls into a large hole... another trick. Naomi hoists Volcan up on the flagpole, then takes her friends off to explore. At the zoo, Suzy and Ponygon get separated from Kiyo and wind up in the lion's cage. Meanwhile, the lion escapes! Back at the park, the kids tell Zatch that Naomi has fallen down a steep cliff and needs his help. When Zatch arrives, the rescue looks perilous - and gets even more dangerous when the lion from the zoo shows up. Zatch starts to descend the cliff to rescue Naomi, but almost falls himself. Surprisingly, Naomi rushes to his rescue. When the other children suspect she may have saved Zatch because she likes him, she scoffs. The lion is returned to the zoo, where Zatch befriends the animal - until Naomi starts to torment him once again.

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