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Is an experimental game made with FPS Creator that's trying to bring back the atmosphere of old school, hardcore, dynamic, brutal, and 5d3b920ae0

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation
Madbox Entertainment
Madbox Entertainment
Release Date: 5 May, 2017


  • OS: Windows® XP 32/64 or better
  • Processor: Dual core 2.4 GHz processor or better
  • Memory: 4


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wow. -no key rebind (who the actual made the decission to put melee on [ALT] with no chance to remap it?) no matter who it was, it must be a very sick person -no options at all (no graphic, sound, whatever else options) -FOV is probably the worst in human computer gaming history. FOV is like u ate a bunch of psychodelic mushrooms and someone stretched a 4:3 game to 16:9 -dead enemy bodies disappear before even hitting the ground instead of pumping out new free episodes for the game, invest the development time for a menu, key remappiing and for sake, fix the FOV.. Above is an active, growing log of my exploration and bug testing of this WORK IN PROGRESS game. At the moment, I cannot recommend it in it's current state, but I love how it's turning out better than it used to be in some aspects, albeit still pretty terrible in some of the same aspects. With time and patience, CRIMSON METAL could easily be the new Halo/DOOM/Quake for this modern age. PROS (EARLY TEST STAGE): - Dual wielding almost ANY two guns in the game. - made by an indie dev who tries hard. - Intriguing story - fast paced gameplay - great atmosphere CONS (again, EARLY TEST PHASE): - HORRIBLE CONTROL SCHEME - trying to get the dual weild thing to work is clumsy and awkward. - CLEARLY underbudgeted - the story really needs to be fleshed out more in-game; the most I know is from the steam store page. - The way the guns handle is AWFUL. Once CRIMSON METAL is actually FULLY released, you can bet yer tunic I'll be willin' to part with some extra cash to get it. But until then.check up on the logs above once in every great while, for updates on my experience with it.. Terrible sound. Enemies look cheap. Player constantly gets stuck. Feels and plays like an alpha.. The Redux version of CRIMSON METAL met all my expectations! Now it's almost a new game. CRIMSON METAL is simple but a really fun FPS game. Atmospheric, brutal and challenging. Is worthy of respect when devs puts work into their games, not just make a game and abandon it but try to improve every time.. great game, if you are into old school fps. some crashes, when you pick up weapons, you might get ammo, might not. otherwise, this game left me wanting more, which leads to this question; where is episode iii? i see youtube videos on it, but its not on steam.. Laggy, terrible FOV, and slow moving. It didn't help that a random enemy spawn killed me.. English text below this one) Portugus: Vou ser sincero contigo, eu quando olhei para este jogo, fez-me lembrar os FPS Old-School como Doom e Quake e eu adoro esses jogos, mas confesso que estou muito desiludido com a compra. A ideia de criar algo tipo Doom/Wolfenstein sempre algo porreiro: um FPS onde possas correr vontade, com Health Packs, mais que 2 armas, matando tudo o que mexe mas o problema que Crimson Metal no satisfez de todo as minhas expectativas. Vamos comear pelo menu, tu no tens opes de configurao do jogo para j, no podes alterar a resoluo, som, controlos, nada disso, uma uma chatice enorme especialmente para ns PC Gamers. Tambm no tens opes de dificuldade portanto tens que te desenrascar com o que tens. E acerca da Gameplay, eu no tava espera que estivesse to longe de um FPS old-school, o fast-pacing no existe, tu matas uns 4 ou 5 inimigos(por vezes menos do que isso) e depois ficas a andar pelo mapa procura de um carto de acesso ou algo assim at encontrares um inimigo ou dois, aborrecido e depois h outras coisas como a pontaria, se tu no estiveres a fazer a mira secundria, boa sorte em conseguires acertar alguma coisa porque a tua pontaria uma bela porcaria sem isso a no ser que tu estejas a uma distncia em que lhe podes dar um linguado. Os inimigos so fceis mas ao mesmo tempo difceis, muito estranho, por um lado tu os consegues matar com uma facilidade tremenda mas se tu apareces no ponto de vista deles, eles sugam-te a vida em instantes se no te meteres a pau, um dos inimigos que um monstro tipo Dead Space que aparece no 3Nvel, tu no te consegues aperceber se tu o mataste ou no, eles ficam tipo parados a olhar para ti e tu desperdias balas pala disso, um desses monstros quando o matei, ele simplesmente desapareceu! E no que toca a otimizao este jogo ainda precisa um pouco de amor, as texturas da parede tremem, a framerate baixa em certos momentos(e eu estou a jogar num porttil bastante moderno), inimigos atravessam paredes, s vezes o protagonista bloqueia a andar quando ts a pegar munio em estantes. Resumindo, um jogo que precisa de ser bem trabalhado, e se tu procuras algo tipo Doom/Quake/Duke Nukem/Blood, afasta-te deste jogo porque o espirto desses FPS no est l presente. English: Ill be honest with you, when I looked into this game, it reminded me the old-school FPS like Doom and Quake and I absolutely loved those games but I must admit that I am really disappointed with this one. The idea of creating something like Doom/Wolfenstein its always something cool: a FPS where you can run around with healthpacks, more than 2 weapons and killing everything that moves but the problem is that Crimson Metal didnt met my expectations. First of all, the menu: there is no "Options" Menu, you cant change resolution, controls, sound, nothing like that, a huge bummer for PC Gamers like us. You also dont have any choice of difficulty so youll have to deal with what you have. About the gameplay, I never thought that it would be so far away from an old school FPS, the fast-pacing is nonexistent, you kill like 4 or 5 enemies and then you wander around the map trying to find a key-card or something until you find 1 or 2 enemies, its boring as hell and then theres the aiming. Dude, if youre not doing the secondary aiming, youre gonna have a bad time because your aiming sucks without it unless you have a distance where you can apply a french kiss on your enemy. The enemies are weird, they can be both easy but hard as well, it can be pretty easy to take them down but if they start to shoot you when youre not paying attention, theyll drain your health in a second, one of the enemies is sort of a monster Dead Space like(appears in Level 3), you cant understand if you killed him or not, you shoot him and then it stares at you until he falls into the ground, by then you wasted too much ammo. Also when I killed one of those monsters, it just straight dissapeared. And when it comes about optimization, this game definitely needs some love, the textures on the wall flicker, the framerate drops in certain moments(and I am playing in a modern machine), enemies phase through walls, sometimes the protagonist glitches while walking when youre picking up ammo from shelves. Basically, its a game that needs a lot of work, if youre looking for something like Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem or Blood, get away from this game because that spirit isnt there.. This game is horendous. The controls and gunplay are awkward, the weapons feel broken and unresponsive, but my main complaint is actually how hard it is. The game gives you 1000 health, and about 100 bullets to start out with, but in a single encounter, you're probably going to loose about 200 health, and 40 bullets. I like challenging games, but this game is so unbalanced that the only challenge is keeping your sanity long enough to hit 20 headshots in a row with an automatic weapon with zero accuracy. The levels have minor exploration, but for the most part is just really linear with almost no depth. I can't recomend this game to anyone.

CRIMSON METAL IS AVAILABLE NOW! : Here it is! The First Episode of CRIMSON METAL is available now! In the next few weeks Episode 2 will rise.. CRIMSON METAL UPDATE to v.1.7.1 : Hi! PATCH 3 is Here! PATCH 3 NOTES: Performance tweaks Rebalanced game difficulty Improved lighting Improved textures To make sure that all files for all episodes are downloaded, update the game manually. You can do this by followign the instructions below: 1. Load Steam 2. From the Library section, right-click on the game and select "Properties" from the menu. 3. Select the "Local Files" tab and click the "Verify integrity of game cache." button. 4. Steam will verify the game's files - this process may take several minutes. 5. Once the process is completed, the window will automatically exit, and you will be ready for action. One more thing.. CRIMSON METAL REDUX is Live Now! : COME GET SOME! Now the best thing you can do to support our project is to leave a review about the changes in the game and share your general impressions. We want to resume the release of free episodes, but this will be possible only by your feedback and support. CRIMSON METAL itself was a start point/experimental project - We have learned a lot and want to create great projects. Step by step we are looking forward to bring to live CRIMSON METAL 2.. CRIMSON METAL - EPISODE 2 IS AVAILABLE NOW! : Hey! CRIMSON METAL - EPISODE 2 is FINALLY HERE! New 8 Levels New Enemies New Challenges Thank you guys for your support! Hope you enjoy!. CRIMSON METAL UPDATE to v.1.3 : Hey! PATCH 2 is Here! PATCH 2 NOTES: Performance tweaks Improved key controls Improved textures Smoother AIM DOWN SIGHTS Rebalanced game difficulty in the next few weeks Episode 2 will rise! If you run into any additional problems please send us details to madboxgamestudiogmail.com Thank you guys for your support!

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