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About This Game

We're not alone here.

Folding space; a technology allowing anyone to travel light-years in mere moments. Quite inconvenient, a secretive corporation holds a monopoly on this technology. This exact corporation started to show an obsessive interest in a large uncharted nebula in a distant arm of the galaxy. Eyebrows were raised all over the galaxy.

You, the Pilot, are working off the remainder of your sentence as an involuntary stellar cartographer for this corporation. Your mission is to map as much as possible and report back with your findings.
If you can get back home in one piece. Turns out the small spacecraft they issued you is...let's call it finicky. And the infantile Artificial Intelligence unit is of no real support either. Good luck out there!


  • Explore space in a rust bucket of a spaceship: if something breaks, it'll stay broken until you figure out how to fix it.
  • Connect a monster-brain to a computer with some cables and duct-tape.
  • Use real-world chemistry to construct obscure chemical compounds.
  • While you're busy putting out fires, please don't forget to buy new parts, to continue your assigned mission and if you could also take care of those aliens attacking the lower ring that would be lovely.
  • Deep Sixed will push your ability to stay calm under pressure to the limits.

Deep Sixed is inspired by:

  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
  • Flowers for Algernon
  • Space Alert
  • Moon

Title: Deep Sixed
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
LRDGames, Inc.
LRDGames, Inc.
Release Date: 12 Feb, 2018


  • OS: Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion +
  • Processor: Intel i3 2100+
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: OpenGL 2.1+ compatible, 1GB Video Ram
  • Storage: 1200 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: Minimum display resolution: 1280x720


I was drawn in by the premise, and the intro video. But bad news--it's the worst bits of early 90s games, and none of the charm. In the first hour (after which I just got a refund), I'd discovered that I'd need to memorize dozens of tidbits of minutea just to keep the ship flying AT ALL (the all-knowing manual covers the screen, so you can't "reference" it--you have to jump between it and the nonsense you're using it for). It's isomorphically idential to the most mind-numbing click-based adventure games, but with just enough of a modern sci-fi allure to tempt you in.

I wanted to love it. I couldn't. I returned it. Maybe I didn't wait for the learning curve long enough. If you buy it, I hope you have more fun than I did. I just want my hour back.. First mission after the tutorial mission, I have to find a certain mineral. Nothing in the manual about how to find specific minerals, you have to jump around randomly, hoping you get lucky and hit the specific anomaly that turns out to be what you're looking for. That's alright. BUT. You can only jump once. And then you have to go back to your homebase. Minor annoyance. Reason behind only having one jump? I can't tell you, but it seems incredibly silly and unnecessarily bothersome. But I digress, it's minor annoyance. HOWEVER. Your jump-drive has to re-charge after each jump, so you're have to sit 'n stare at your jump-drive recharge for several minutes, again and again. Speed up time? Why yes you can! From Dead Snail's Pace. Not-quite-dead-but-close Snail's Pace. And of course, the blindingly fast Actual Snail's Pace.

I did like the game for the most part, the troubleshooting aspect was fun enough and I did want to explore more, but I did not pay to sit 'n watch a bar crawl from 0 to 100.. Why I do recommend the game.<\/b>
The game is good in itself. Lots of things to watch over for with mini engineering games makes it interesting. The ship (more like a mini Space Station) has five sections. Each mounted with guns, joined by corridoors & a support structure in the middle that create a ring shape.

Although replacement parts are required & are purchasable with credits earned by successful missions, The main trick of the game is to balance maintenance with encounters. In the heat of battle however maintenance can get a bit much sometimes & then of course, no ones firing the guns at the Aliens!! Its all good though & quick thinking is required.

Why I don't recommend the game.<\/b>
Prior to purchase I expressed more interest when I asked if an Endless Mode was going to be introduced & the Devs said yes. A while later it was inplemented. To my disappointment, the Devs idea of 'Endless' was completely different to most other endless titles I've played. They introduced a missions 'increasing in hardness' each time. So in essence it wasn't 'Endless' at all cus at some point you would inevitably die - cus of difficulty & NOT cus of your own errors or mistakes.

This 'Endless Mode' of there own design has been mislabled. We all know how waves work, right?? It should of been called 'Wave Mode' cus thats exactly how there idea of EM plays.

For this & this reason alone I wouldn't really recommend the game if the Endless Mode is influencing your purchase. You will be disappointed.. Intricate, challenging, funny, and just overall a great example of how NOT to build a spaceship. Walk out of the scanner room after having just reprogrammed the probe to stop rebelling, replaced a motherboard on the main scanner, and gave the main battery a good smack with a wrench to keep it working, only to hear a siren now going off down below. The reactor just blew a coolant leak...

7\/5 Would fly through space in a rustbucket again!. I'm sorry but stuff breaking all the time, the clunky controls, going through all the same missions again and again if you die, no save option, how can this chore be fun for anyone?

Please don't misunderstand, i have nothing against complex games and i took the time to read the manual, but only 5 minutes in and i had to fix the damn scanner three times (using up the limited amount of controller chips i had). What the hell?

The shield controls are clunky, you have to run to another room to change the frequency and then the shield doesn't even work, only if you hit the shield at the exact same time you are hit.
Same goes for the lasers. If you found out what frequency works best, you have to switch rooms and click the frequency together via some kind of combination game.

I'm sorry, but the person who thought that these design choices sum up to a fun experience, needs to see a neurologist.. Lots of potential but too frustrating to be fun. You'll die a lot, and every time you die you have to go through the same dialogue lines and the same early missions. I liked the idea of trying to keep a clunker of a spaceship operating with lots of complicated tasks, but the practical outcome always seemed either too easy or too hard. Either you'd cruise through a mission without real danger, or you'd end up surrounded by aliens you can't see because your screens are covered in goo, with everything broken and no chance to fix it all.

Needs re-balancing.

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