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Original Title: The Man Who Fell To Earth

Genge: Action,Romance,Sci-Fi


















































An alien lands on Earth and decides that he needs to take a job in order to raise money to build a spaceship so he can get back to his home planet.
This movie is only interesting as a curiosity piece, if you've ever wondered what an 80's labotomized version of the sad and meaningful Walter Tevis novel would look like. Start by replacing Bowie's Thin White Duke with a Tom Hanks Busom Buddy knock-off, and throw in Beverly D'Angelo and Wesley Crusher as her troubled, but deep-down loving son. Don't bother coming up with any believable visual style for the movie, just re-use some of the old Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century sets off the studio backlot Finally, but most importantly, replace the actual theme of the book (how the Visitor falls to human faults and shortcomings) with positive pap about restoring the Beverly D'Angelo and Wil Wheaton relationship. I'm almost certain this movie was shot as a pilot for a TV series, where the Visitor brings his son back to Earth, and every week, they learn how troubled and illogical, yet ultimately redeeming mankind is. Kind of like My Favorite Martian, but a little more serious, like The Great American Hero. This would have been classic shlock had it been picked up.
Once I saw the opening, I knew it was a low budget, 80's, big hair kind of movie, but if you can get over that, it's not a bad movie.

I see others have complained about it not being true to the book, but I never read the book, and don't care about that. I judge movies based on the movie, not the book. This movie was fine. Not too exciting, and I'm not a fan of D'Angelo (really, what is the big deal with this woman? She's in EVERYTHING!), but at least she played this mostly straight.

What makes this a worthwhile watch, though, was the star. I'd never seen this Lewis Smith guy before, and was stunned by the similarity between him and Jerry Seinfeld. They could be brothers. Not quite twins, but very similar features, mannerisms, and even the style of clothes. Really caught my attention, and undeniable. It was also mildly amusing to see Wil Wheaton and Picardo in a picture that clearly predates the Star Trek series they both appeared in, as well.

Overall, not a bad movie, and perfectly safe to watch with your kids in the room, no matter how young. Other than one pretty tame scene near the end, there is no violence at all, and no nudity, either. (How I long for the good old days when you could watch a movie, and know you wouldn't be surprised by hard core sex scenes, or sick and twisted violence.)

Low budget, but a good story.


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