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Elektra In Hindi 720p >>> DOWNLOAD

Original Title: Elektra

Genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Fantasy,Thriller
















































Kirigi and The Order of the Hand send Elektra on a mission to kill the widower Mark Miller and his daughter Abby. Elektra becomes friendly with the two Millers and allies herself with him and defends them both from Kirigi's ninjas and other assassins. But is there more to the Millers than meets the eye?
Elektra, once a student of Kimagure, a force for good, whose masters can see the future and even bring people back from the dead, is now a paid assassin. The enemy, the force for evil, at this time is known as The Hand, whose members use the dark arts. In this tale Elektra is given an assignment to kill a man and his daughter. However when the time comes to complete the mission she is unable to. The daughter is also being sought by The Hand, for she is known as a treasure that can tip the scales in favor of either good or evil. The Hand, who have the policy of "If we can't have her then no one can", send their own people to kill her. Elektra then allies herself with the Millers and helps to protect them from The Hand. The journey to the climax, the ultimate battle between good and evil for the treasure, has some interesting revelations, heading for a finale with an interesting twist.
Not so much action. Not so much plot. Not so much character development. In short, not so much a movie at all!

I went in with low expectations and was originally impressed with the costumes, sets, and intriguing flashbacks. That quickly faded into boredom and incredulity. By the time all the bad guys showed up, I was gone. (And I know they can't change the names of the super-villains, but these were just plain silly.)

Jennifer Garner is underwhelming as Elektra, with a ridiculous sashay and unimpressive action work. Compare with Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider and you can see how, even in fluff flicks, action can sing with the right actor.

Kirsten Prout (Abby) was the best part of the picture for me, as she seemed to actually believe in what she was doing. It probably helped that her lines were straightforward, believable, teen-appropriate language. Everyone else seemed to have taken night courses in Cryptic to get by.

The "plot" is flimsy, the fight choreography is unimaginative, the acting is sub-par, and the camera work isn't flattering to the actors or their surroundings. Definitely not one to see again! This was OK, intense action and seeing miss. Garner in tight clothes made it watchable.. The plot was idiotic tho, it made no sense what so ever.. If you remember her from Dare Devil, you should know what I mean, Elektra's very existence is questionable. Plus, the fact that Dare Devil isn't in it, considering that they dated, makes the plot dumb in the least.. But the action and story its self was OK, and made for a pretty cool action movie to watch.. if you like mindless action from a beautiful babe in tights, who is the ultimate warrior, Elektra is for you.. the only movie worth getting into for 2005 is Coach Carter tho, but Elektra is an OK film if you're bored, 6/10... naw, nevermind, elektra you get a 7/10 just for being so pretty..
"Kill Bill" without irony, and without Quentin Tarantino's flair for cool dialogue and chop-socky action (and without Uma Thurman, for that matter), Elektra is a pretty-looking, pretty dull adaptation of the Marvel Comic about a dishy, deadly assassin.
In order to be able to get more people into the cinemas, the movie was cut down for a PG-13 rating. When the DVD hit the store, the original Director's Cut was released.
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